Monday, December 8, 2014

A horse of a different color...

Saturday 12/6 - It was barely raining at home, but 10min away at my barn it was raining, I drove out there to find myself just watching the group of 5 buried in the hay and left well enough alone.

Sunday afternoon I took off during nap time with the intent to ride.
I went to get Tesla who is definitely no longer black, but the lovely color of mud!
Spent a while brushing and getting the mud out.  Not very successfully, oh the joys of wet winters.

One thing I treats! I had some in my pocket and therefore we spent the time tacking up dancing around...trying to get at the treats.  He was kind of cute though, as while I took a glove off to de-tangle a wind knot he grabbed it from between my knees and played with it.  Also, grabbed at my zipper pull playing with my jacket.

Once we were past all that, I took him out to the arena to work do some ground work.  "Sending" to walk around me in a circle is very difficult for him.  After a few tries we moved on to just working on trotting out together, me changing directions and just kind of playing in the arena.  I let him off and he still continued to follow me around and stick by me while I ran around silly. 

And since no one else was around, we went back out to get tacked up.  I do need to find a bit that fits better I think, but he isn't overly mad about it.  We will try a few out, we have time before the spring rides to iron it all out!

I changed pads to an Equipedic with inserts and we rode around the arena a bit.  We worked a lot to the right, which is his "less strong" direction and I worked on learning his rhythm.  Which felt harder to do in the arena than out on the trail! 

Post work out, new pad is blue

Cool sun spot post work out shot
 Next weekend, the plan is to go riding with a group of local endurance friends at a park about an hour haul away :) 

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