Thursday, December 25, 2014

Always learning!

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas - no matter what you celebrate or did!

My little family started our day out with pancakes and gifts (99% of them to the kids)... Then I got to go ride with some friends after lunch :)

I am always learning with Tesla that is for sure!
He hadn't been really messed with in almost 2 weeks...Totally a mudball with a wind knot I didn't even have time to deal with today.  We got most of the mud off, and most everything else brushed out nice!
I was honestly was expecting much worse - being he had almost 2 weeks off and it was a windy day at that!

So...recanting things I learned today:
1.  Someone is a bit antsy standing tied in the wind.  Patience post work in our future?!
2.  That said someone does not like straight load trailers!!! Thankfully I foresaw this being a possible issue and asked my riding buddy and mentor to come by before our meet up and be there to help load.
3.  The same horse does not know how to back off a trailer and tried to turn himself around.  Makes this loading and unloading as a 1 person job even harder!!!
4.  Once settled in, he doesn't mind being mid or back of the group.  In the beginning he was itching to get up front.
5. Not sure if it is the need for a trim (getting it scheduled for next week), or he got lazy...he started clipping himself on the left side with his back hoof. No cuts found, just could hear the hooves hit. Bell boots may be in our future...
6. We need to work on downward crossings into muddy areas...He is not a fan.  Got a few interesting jumps out of him instead :P
7.  Overall not a spook in the wind :)  Had to get used to Bear (our trail dog buddy) running up behind us but then we were good.
8. We REALLY need to work on trailer loading and unloading.  I think he was worse getting on to come back home than heading out!

It was a good 2.5hr ride with friends, away from the barn enjoying the dry sunny day! ride is planned in a week for New Years Day unless I manage to get out there for a bit Mon, Tues or Wed while kids are out of the way :)  I will be getting picked up in a slant load, so we'll see if the loading is easier, plus there will be other horses.

Sporting Christmas socks :)

almost ready to head out

One of the better views in life

Selfie on horseback!

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