Monday, December 8, 2014

Drive #1

Sunday after Thanksgiving... I have my tack fitted to him and planning to ride!  Whether just in the arena or on the trails around the barn; I. am. getting. on.

I was lucky enough to run into some of our other boarders and asked to tag along their trail ride.  After all, I have to relearn our barn trails... I hadn't been on them since August, and now everything has changed without leaves!!

A bit windy that day so we had a few stubborn moments starting out... sideways spooks... but nothing big as we danced around the scary picnic table and firepit to the trail.

Tesla did great and wanted to lead once in the woods.  A few stop and stares at the funny noises in the trees while doing so, but generally happily interested in the trail ahead.

One funny moment - we were leading across an area I know to be a mud ditch.  I ask him not to jump, but to walk...  as I feel he is trying to ball up and pounce across, he is in fact sliding to the point where he ended up sitting down in the mud.  I hopped off at that point with all of us laughing that he literally was sitting on the ditch.  Remounted and followed the other horses across no problem :P

I got proof of being on him at the end of the ride back at the barn...
Shadow selfie

Our first ride at home complete

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