Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mud, creeks, rivers OH MY!

Saturday - 12/13/14 - my plans changed for a variety of reasons we can't even call a comedy of errors.
The plan for the last month was to go to state park for a group of us "local" endurance riders (all within a few of hours of said park) for a day ride. A bunch of us with new partners at that.  But, in the end, I rode with a 3 other boarders at the barn around our trails for about 2 hours. 
Tesla learned that is OK not to be in the front, and not trotting all the time :)  He was a good boy, not caring if anyone was right behind him, so that is good to know for the future!  The mare we rode with wasn't particularly fond of him, so we steered clear!  His buddy Blue from the field was our leader, and Tesla had a hard time not surging ahead but the field dynamic (and me) held him back.

Fairly uneventful ride of sorts.  We went over the muddy ditch from the other direction this time (the one he sat down in before), and there was a lot more wetness to it. We had a little debate over the correct way to get across, and finally followed another horse thru it without leaping.
We crossed several creeks, and even went across the river to some more trails.  Tesla really had fun in the water it seemed. Splashing a bit, then finally following Blue on over. It was low, but moving fast.  The kind that makes you dizzy if you watch it while you are moving against it!

The one thing I discovered with our saddle set up using the Equipedic is even that lets the Bandos slide on it!  Argh... but, the thing that was easier was that it has loops on the my handy zip ties came to the rescue as soon as we got back for our next ride!

Oh - Tesla had his teeth floated this week.  So now I'm sure his bit 'issue' is the size and style of bit... On the hunt for the right one!

I need a Go Pro! Really hard to take pictures while riding.  Colder weather = gloves and phone buried in a jacket, just some post ride rolling pics!
Rolling, with Blue (the painted draft cross) photo-bombing
 for attention as his roll was complete


Daisy & Patrick wondering what Tesla is up to

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