Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trailer fun

So, this past Sunday was the day for me to take Tesla to a trainer for the month while I am totally absorbed with getting the rest of us moved into our new house...

Knowing I had a difficult loader, I had it all planned out!
Arrive at 9, hook up, load my stuff, load Tesla ~10am once my helper arrived, with the intent to be on the road around the trainer around lunch, home before kids were up from nap.

So what's the saying...  Life is what happens when you are busy making plans?  Murphy's Law - something WILL go wrong?  and it did...

Cold weather Saturday night = my helper's heat dying thus she had to stay home and get that resolved and couldn't meet me at 10.
Ok, plan B.  Try walk two not so horse savy people through how to help you load a difficult horse.

2+ hours of "almost on" failures, resulted in this look from Tesla

I tried a variety of things...that picture being the last attempts with the divider pulled out to make a box stall and me sitting on the floor the opposite end at my escape door.  His playful and curious nature he almost got on several times, only to have a panic moment and go flying backwards and up.  During this battle of wills I had texted my helper that we were STILL trying to load. Heat now fixed, she came to my rescue and had him on in 10min ... Old school method I had almost gone the route of myself, but had never done before, only seen it done; using the trailer as a leverage point so that he couldn't keep knocking people off their feet and pulling back. 

So when did I hit the road finally? about 1pm.... The trip itself was uneventful. Other than the first few minutes of sitting waiting for me to drive off, he was quiet.  We only had an hour drive, so it wasn't a big deal to be leaving that much later in terms of daylight.  When we got there he walked off, fairly ungracefully stepping out of the trailer, no worse for wear and right to the grass of his pasture to munch.  He quickly came over to say hi to me & the trainer as he a bit of a puppy dog :) All is forgiven?  Loading is one of the big items to be worked on! My trailer is put back together as a 2H straight load with a divider and left with him.

We did some paperwork and gave him a pasture mate.  2 seconds of someone squealing at the other and then they were off munching together.  He is a very easy going gelding and seems to adjust to other horses easily.  He is the "annoying little brother" of the pasture who isn't afraid of the alphas and has the "love/hate bites" to prove it!

So, I'm horseless until Valentines day... But, it will be a good present for myself to go ride and pick him up :)

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