Sunday, March 8, 2015

Finally! a ride

We got enough ice off the ground to deal with the slush and mud for a slow ride today at the barn.
I accidentally left it running in my jacket pocket while we were feeding and putting hay out, so the time duration is off, but the distance is right.  Slow start back but any riding is a bonus after such a crappy weather month!

Lots of new stuff for Tesla today - tried a new bit, which he was much happier about, put my rein-safe and a rein-extender/popper that I made, and a saddle bag to try out.  Oh, after our ride I put a crupper on him and trotted him around the arena (on the ground). No bucks so hoping under saddle usage goes just as well!

Overall a good ride.  We've got things to learn together, like crossing muddy creeks and listening/rating in open fields but all considering the things we did, he did great with no mental melt downs :)  I'm looking forward to trying a hack, as he really does great in the arena in just a halter, just not sure I'm ready to jump in to trails like that.

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