Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday ride reflection

Got out to ride today with part of our training gang at a local trail.  Majority of the 5 of us haven't been on our horses much (some at all) the last few months.

Amanda and I had our greenies out, and they showed their green color!

Tesla and I are still getting to know each other.  We had some rough moments, mostly over speed of travel. I bailed twice...once after a big spook due to him hitting a tree branch and me telling him to move over at the same time due to said branch resulted in me gracefully bailing off to the side while he calmed down. 
The next issue was over me engaging the bit resulting in a head toss and body twist and buck to which self preservation said 'just get off and regroup!' So, I did.  I sat a few more bucks, and promptly have ordered the recommended Myler bit for him.  I will be trying him out in the S-hack too, but slowly and in a controlled manner before hitting that trails that way.  I know a bit won't solve everything, but I think the correct communication link will greatly help us.

Aside from that, I came home to find our new girth! I'm going to give that a try, and maybe some padding changes to see my Bandos is really the right saddle for us... gosh I dread being on a saddle hunt! Fingers crossed we get it working for us!!

Tesla had a trim this week and we did his measurements for boots.  I plan to order some Renegade Vipers in April for us on the 'boots or shoes required' rides.

As much as I love Tesla already, I miss my Traveler.  I know things will come to us in time, but I miss my steady guy and knowing what to expect. We worked hard to get to where we did, and I am truly grateful he passed doing what he loved - being out on the trails.

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