Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter blues

I picked up Tesla on Valentines day as planned :)
It was 40degrees out, but the wind was so bad it was near zero 'feel'.  We did an 1.5hr of riding lessons together; she gave me tips on how his mind works - Playful and willing Left Brained Extrovert.
We rode in just a halter, and despite all the crazy wind, he was pretty calm. I now have to "relearn" as he is more one-handed direction than 2 :)

And then it became time to load up and show me how well he doing with my trailer.  He hopped right on for his grain, came in and out as he ate while we chatted.  All was great UNTIL we decided to close the door.  We then spent the next 1.5+hr working to get him back to the level he was comfortable getting on again.  The trainer was great, walking me through how to work him and help him understand... In the end, we had to remove the divider again as he would walk up then stick his head over to the other side so not gettingon fully - and then he was on in 2min flat.  Our trip to the new barn was uneventful but slow as I had to come back over the mountain in the wind.  He came off the trailer great, we walked the fences with his new pasture mate (a QH mare) and then brought everyone in for the night due to the nasty weather coming again. 

He's settled in well, making himself the boss regardless of it is just those two or a 3rd joins the crowd and being a good boy with manners for the barn owner.

Unfortunately, I haven't ridden since :(  Every Thursday eve that I have set aside for riding and every weekend so far has been bad weather or bad footing remaining... We did get out for a little hand walking once!
Walking the handsome man

Stopping to check out the toy 

Hanging out in the pasture

Bye mom!
So, I have the winter blues!  I have plans to do the LD at Leatherwood on March 28. Entry and deposit sent in, but we need a good longer training ride before hand!  So here I am writing out my frustrations amid an impending snow/sleet storm expected tomorrow and thus ruining chances of a conditioning ride this weekend!
Hoping for some relief and horse therapy soon!

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