Saturday, April 11, 2015

Making Lemonade

It's been a few weeks since I posted last - we've had a few good rides, got our new vipers, and got a new to me 99 CM trailer!

We've had better luck using the Myler Combo bit and I went back to my HAF pad under the saddle... Tried a matrix pad too and buying one for our aspirations to 50s :)

Today, however, was a lemon!
I had plans to go for a training ride in the mountains, then that ride was changed to Sunday which I could no longer go to, so I hooked up for a ride at our local trails...
I was a bundle of nerves - hooking up to my new trailer for the first time ever, and alone!  Let alone getting Mr. I Hate To Load aka Tesla on the trailer...
I gave myself an 1.5hrs to get hooked up, stuff in the trailer and Tesla on.
I have to say, I'm proud of myself - took 20min alone to get lined up and hooked up :)  For the first time, that aint' bad and I now I know the 'tricks' to making it easier next time.  And that is where my streak ended... I was dropping the nose down and found that the previous owner's truck bed sat higher than mine, so I couldn't get down far enough to release the support leg. AH!  I called my mentor and know how to fix it, but didn't have the tools on me to do so today. 

So I made some lemonade! Since I had a hours on end to enjoy with Tesla...I did :)
We did some loading on the new trailer, started out well, went downhill, ended well.  Still easier than my old trailer so no regrets there.
Then we went for a little hike together. I haven't ridden him alone outside the arena so I wanted to see how he'd do away from it all on foot and things were fairly uneventful :) We only went about 1.5 miles, but got to enjoy some sun and green grass.  We also spent some time grooming and then I just worked on the trailer getting it ready for No Frills at the end of the month.

Totally bummed I didn't get to ride today, but more days to come!

The "new" trailer :) I will get to sleep INSIDE this ride season!

Walking along :)


  1. Endurance riding and the preparation therein definitely prepares us for making a fine lemonade!

  2. We've both had our fair share I think Aurora!