Monday, June 29, 2015

Boogie man weekend

So Tesla has had it easy since OD ;) Partially due to my lack of time to ride and giving him the break he deserves!

The past 2 weekends have been centered around just doing some ground work in the arena... He showed off for my Mother in law and her boyfriend, then I had a bad batch of weather to deal with trying to work around...

So Friday after work I got out to him, which was just a day shy of 2 weeks post ride completion.  I knew from the last ride that he seems to "forget" the basics for a week or so post ride so I just planned on only doing some nice lunge line work on the circle.  We had a nice calm walk one direction, and I'd ask the other, he'd get 1/2 around and then spin and bolt back the other direction.... Resulting in one rope burn for me (I seem to forget I really need gloves for my flat long line!) and then turning him loose to run around the arena ...
Post run, buck, fly ...slide to a stop and snort/Arab blow
Snazzy new fly bandana to keep some of the pesky things away!
He is putting weight back on nicely, and has no shortness of energy!  Nor any soreness popping up.

Sunday we rode!  I got him tacked up, and then took him to the arena...first on a short line to make sure he would walk both directions again in a circle. No issue.  Then I mounted up and made him prove he wouldn't be a goof.  He was head tossing a bit more than usual, even with our new fly bonnet...which is one of his "signs" that he might get silly.  But, we headed out on the trail as he was behaving overall.  We had our usual argument at the creek crossing that is a muddy slope into it. I ended up getting off and leading him across.  Which he did well with - instead of rushing through he thought about it and took his steps nicely down and stopped to drink.  Mounted back up and headed out.  No shortage of deer and our trail ride became short lived as we stirred up a herd and the boogie man was out to get us after that!  Basically it was a mental training day!  We worked about the hour I had planned - just not HOW I thought :P  We spent a lot of time at the walk, or keeping a walk, and then trotting without bolting toward the gate of the arena. And standing quietly in the arena. 

It is amazing how different of  horse you get some days!  When he is alone, I get his goofy side but not horrible... Out a ride, the first mile or so is a bit of an argument but he settles into his job and does as asked eventually.  Some days, he could care less about the deer, others, well they become the evil things in the woods... Sometimes we canter without issue, other times he is all wild and yeehaw bucks.  I just attempt to prepare for it all and enjoy the ride I have!

This morning I got to see him again for the farrier.  We pulled the front shoes that were protecting his hoof as a crack grew out.  Feet look good and strong and not too worn even with all the fly stomping.  This weekend we will go back to using our Vipers up front and making sure we are 'set' to go back too boots on all 4 for Ride Between the Rivers on Aug 1!

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