Wednesday, July 15, 2015

jealous horse!

So in my ramblings this last post I completely forgot to share a cute story - Tesla got jealous!

Sunday I was meeting the other boarder to ride at 4 so I arrived early to be able to feed the other 4 horses and turn them back out before then (barn sitting while owner on vacation).  Normally I pull Tesla out of their field of 3 to feed as he is slow eater, the other 2 are fine to eat together with enough distance between buckets.    This time, after 10min of searching for them and finding their wooded cool spot, I pulled Valentine.  I got his halter on and started to lead him down to the barn.  Well here comes Mr. Tesla running up to me and staying at my left shoulder looking at me like "What the heck mom?!"  He continued to follow me down and tried to push in between Valentine and me on my right side (the side he is normally led on) as we went down.  Too cute and made me smile :)

Ok, you might say he was just expecting food, but the look I got was much more than food related!

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