Wednesday, July 22, 2015

mental health day

So after 7 months (almost 8) and having not used a single sick day, I decided it was time to take a mental health break from the stress of QSUP at work and enjoy an absolutely beautiful July day (80s, low humidity) on horseback for a bit :)

So I ran around dropping off kids and dealing with the detour for bridge work to get over to the barn.  Started out great! lol. Hooked up first try!  I had pre-loaded everything yesterday while vet was out so all I had to do was grab Tesla and load up.  I found the missing fly mask even!  Only about a 5min argument over getting all the way without backing off and we were off.  I was about 15min later than I wanted to be but my friends knew that might be the case. 

We tacked up quickly - put on all 4 vipers and tried out the Matrix pad on a longer ride (have only used it around the barn so far).  We had a good ride overall. Only a few naughty moments of bucking. He has a *tell* though - he twists/tosses his head first so I can usually anticipate and correct him.  After a few tries he realized he would be allowed to canter nicely if he didn't buck.  However nice his canter is, I'm having a hard time trusting him not to bolt once in it yet... so I was keeping it a slow easy canter.  He did well, until he got tangled up in the fire-rope I.  Doesn't seem any worse for wear other than some missing hair...hope he stays that way!

Of course we still had a 20min or so battle to get ON the trailer to leave.  Why does he fight it 10x more going home than going out!? lol.  But, in the end he realized it was more work outside the trailer doing tight circles on his "bad" side and got on.  Unloaded and did a quick massage to check that back on the right side where he was tight on Sunday.  Still tighter than the left but not horrible.

The Matrix pad feels pretty good overall, but in combo with the Toklat girth they get super slick with sweat and rolls if I need to mount from the ground, despite being at a good setting.  I will guess I'll stick with my HAF unless I need to switch during a ride.  The vipers held up well in the rocks, not much mud around to test out the latest adjustments.

My tracker says 8.4miles in 2.5hrs, Jerry's said 9  Who knows which is correct... lol

This was Tesla's fun on Tuesday...drugged from a sheath cleaning

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