Saturday, July 18, 2015

slight change in direction

So after my post from last weekend I have done a lot "soul searching" and have reached the conclusion that my goal/task orientated personality is pushing too hard towards the goal of getting to the rides I had on my plan and completing, over developing the relationship and skills that Tesla and I need together.

I still fully intend to compete this year, I just think I was starting to overlook the journey of having a new horse, and the fun side of riding and horse ownership. Not to say I'm not having fun riding him, but I was feeling very stressed and worried about the lack of miles we are obtaining, issues at the canter, etc., and I bet my frustration and lack of consistency is just hindering us overall.

So I've decided to take a step back and slow down. Sort of.  Instead of going for our Triple Crown this year with an LD at RBTR on August 1, I'm going to go on a training and camping ride that is only an hour away with mentors and friends.  My mentor and I have developed a "plan" to get us to doing a slow 50 with her at Iron Mountain Aug 29, and my wonderful husband has jumped on board for me to devote August to training for it on the weekends.  My weekday rides will be focused on the arena type skills and getting more control and sync going. I may have to do some juggling around of other evening commitments to work around the weather, but it is what it is.
If we don't make it to IMJ, we don't make it...or maybe it will be another LD.  Now I have "training plan" instead of just an end goal and it will help me focus on the bigger picture.

After IMJ will come our family vacation (first in over 3 years!), and a move from his current boarding barn to land down the street, so I've decided it is best to pass on Biltmore as it will all happen too close together.    
We might 'end' our competing season at that point, or head to Mustang Memorial in November for another 50. Time will tell!

I certainly look forward to having him "home" and taking care of him daily.  I might even be able to squeeze in more ground work sessions or quick rides in he arena this way!  More schedule tweaking will be needed of course, but well worth it.

A note I found on a friend's page

 A Quick Message From Your Horse
Please allow me to introduce myself… I am your horse…
I was put on this earth to show you grace and beauty without arrogance. Power, strength, and speed without ego. Kindness, forgiveness, and compassions without bias. Unconditional love and loyalty without expectation. I am a creature capable of great physical feats but gentle enough to look after even the weakest of beings. I will love you, I will respect you, I will work for you, I will give you forgiveness if you don’t do the same for me. I will be your friend when you feel alone. Your strength when you feel weak. Your rock when your life is in turmoil. I will let you dry your tears in my mane and never judge. I will carry you through good times and bad. I will guide you when you feel lost. I will give you courage when you feel scared. Through my strength, speed, power, grace, beauty, and heart I will help you discover all these things within yourself. Love me and you will always be loved. Respect me and you will always be respected in return. Care for me and I will always take care of you. I have a heart and body capable of greatness but I only strive to be great in your eyes.
Now that you know who I am, who will you be to me…….?

Will you guide but not rule over me, understand me and forgive me, discipline but not abuse me, reward me but not spoil me? Will you strive to understand me as an animal and not lose your temper or become frustrated with me, give up one me, or neglect me? Will you be there for me when I need you the most? When I am scared, frustrated, sick, injured, lame and old, when my body can no longer carry yours, will you take care of me? Will you do all these things for me in exchange for my presence in your life? In exchange for the love, loyalty, heart, and companionship that I will give, will you honor our bond and never betray my faith and trust in you?
If you can do these things for me, we will be capable of weathering any storm, taking on life in all its glory and disappointments. Together we will be strong and you will know a love that cannot be measured, a love that only a devoted horse lover can know……this I promise you.
If you cannot do these things please do not keep me in your life as you have become my whole life and that is an honor that should be cherished and a treasure that needs to be given in return. Allow me to find someone that is able to accept my gifts with an open heart and give me their heart and devotion in return. This I ask of you… out of respect for my spirit I beg you to let me find someone who will complete me and help me achieve the greatness I am capable of.
Your Devoted Horse


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  1. Please do enjoy your journey and remember our horses didn't sign up for the trip!