Monday, July 20, 2015

Starting anew

So, Sunday afternoon was our day to ride/work, and Tesla's long standing appointment with an equine massage therapist.  She saw him back in May when he came up sore and have had this appointment set for a while to be ready for RBTR.  I chatted with her about his recent take to bucking and while she found a tense spot, there was nothing of note that would point to him doing it out of pain.

Sunday was a brutal hot day with a high heat index for the area.... 94 + humidity.  I decided to restart our plans with a lunge session before his massage. I threw a bareback pad on him to have something on his back (new to us, have always wanted one and caught a great deal on a FB page).
Checking out the pad

one sweaty horse post workout!
Am I done now?
Walk/trot both directions, no issues.  Very responsive and anticipating my cues to switch directions.  So we moved onto our problem area...canter.  Lots of start-stops and switching directions.  I did discover something funny that he does. When he frustrated he stops, stomps and snorts at me.  I saw that often each time I correct him for bucking!  Eventually he got what I was asking him to do going to the Left and made a few circles with no bucks or bolts into a run. Good Boy was said often :)  Going to Right however, he seems to have much more of a balance issue.  That direction took quite a bit more work to get into!  We got a few good circles, but definitely still needs some work.  We called it good and cooled off when he made it past one with no buck or bolt.  No pictures, as my hands were a little busy!  But I know for my birthday I am getting a helmet mountable camera so then I'll be able to a little easier :)

Post shower "AHHH"
While it was only 30min of work, we were both dripping with sweat.  Tesla got a nice bath and time to relax in the stall before Sarah arrived. Then he really got to enjoy himself with an hour long massage!  Oh, I guess we should mention we have concurred the dancing try to escape the hose thing in the cross ties too.  I think he rather enjoyed the rinse this time!

Relaxed and cooled off
Next up is a vet appointment on Tuesday, and then probably some more lunge work before we ride this weekend and have a saddle fitting to see what he needs in a treed saddle so I can keep a lookout :)

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