Monday, July 13, 2015

weather woes

I know I'm not the only one who deals with this, but man is it frustrating... I get limited time to work with Tesla and then weather messes up my plans! I had worked it out to go for a mountain training ride with friends all day Saturday, and then a back up plan to the local park to at least get mileage...but everything was cancelled due to rain :(  So I got 2 miles in Sun afternoon...
I know he is fit, but we need more humid weather training for RBTR on Aug 1 and I'm just worried we won't be ready.  We finished OD in extremely hot/humid weather, but just barely and probably only because we caught a break with rain on the loop home.

I love the sport, but trying to find a way to condition and get through all the commitments of life?  How do you do it all?!  And how do I move up to 50s if I can't get 10-15mi in a weekend on a semi regular basis?  If he wasn't so green so I'd just go up to PG every Sunday afternoon alone since everyone meets earlier than I can.  But we are battling so much "naughtiness" right now I can't, which probably stems from the fact that I can't get out to ride enough to keep things consistent.


Maybe I set my expectations too high for what I could get to this year. I have 3 more rides "planned" with hopefully at least one moving up to a 50, but not sure it is realistic anymore.  Tesla is not dangerous (just the bucking canter issue), but I realize he's just too young/green to expect that we won't have our issues to work through. He isn't Traveler, who could sit for months and still be the same horse.  But we had years together to get to that point and I need to remember that, right?!  Tesla and I have many years ahead of us to compete. I was just hoping to start our decade team goal this year... 

Plus we have a barn move coming up that I am trying to time and figure out to where.  I have the option of leasing a pasture down the street, which is really ideal for me to keep him close, but she has a lot of 'rules' that I am trying to work through. It has trail access and an outdoor too.  There is another close by self-care, but not anyone to speak of to ride with or places to ride, so that is out.  Then there is a full barn, indoor, outdoor, and trails, so no excuses not to ride - but can't do any supplements for his feeding.   Which means pre-ride week and the few days after I will have to go over and make sure he gets what he needs 1x a day...not a big deal as it is close to work/home that I can squeeze it in somewhere. And the last place being a beautiful spot, a bit further away, more expensive but tons of trails and even a mountain you can get to from the property.  But, it would be quite a hike to meet up with my local training gang...

Ok, on to the stuff that isn't whining...

I've been working on my trailer a bit :)  I laid down insulation in my GN bed area under the mattress!  And, I've ripped out the old plastic shelving that was there (falling apart) and put in a tall drawer storage unit instead.  My awesome hubby is building me a boot box for my birthday so it will be easier to hop into bed next trip!  Once that is in I will make some final decisions on a 'cover' shelf I have in mind for over the water heater and placement of the storage shelves.  I've got some ideas for the rear tack area...I keep managing to need more and more buckets so have to figure out a good method of storage!

Oh, and my pasture dreams have started to become a reality!  We had a friend with better equipment than us start working on clearing the front area that I want to make into pasture for Tesla (+1 or 2 later lol).  He made major headway in just 1 8hr day of working.  I know it is still a year or two away, but nice to see things progress! We hadn't planned to start for a few years, but we needed to clean up that area of all the over growth so why not work towards the ultimate goal right?

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