Sunday, September 13, 2015

what a wind...

Went to see Tesla today with hopes to ride, or at least lunge him in the saddle. Beautiful weather, but WINDY as all get-out.... so, He was way too agitated to even fight to get the saddle on so we just groomed, lunged and then went for a 1.5mi walk. Once we got into the woods he settled down nicely and was much more relaxed.

Here's a clip of WHY I decide not to ride...  I could just tell when grooming it wasn't going to be a 'good' day for us.  But, he was barely reactive at all to the curry comb so I know his back was feeling better! Once my 2nd one loads I think that one has a buck captured on video lol

We went down the arena, and I closed the gate and unhooked him, turned my back to go up to the barn for the longer line that I forgot and he went running and bucking around! So I went back in a few in of the nonsense, put him back on the line and refocused.  Then we went out for our walk...

He is looking great too! At a really good weight, now we need to get back into work and muscle him up.

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