Wednesday, October 14, 2015


After all the trouble I've had with our Santa Fe this year, we decided to trade it in. Been looking for a few weeks, and over the weekend I went and test drove a Ford Edge.  Decided it was a good option and sought out the best deal (learned well from my Dad).
Tuesday I went and bought one :)  Got a good deal on a low mileage 2013, PLUS it is "certified pre-owned" and with a warranty for another 100K miles and a pre-paid maintenance program I can take to any Ford or Lincoln for service.

So, since it took more than 1/2 the day to do (dealer was an hour away), I took the rest of it continuing as a personal day and was able to meet Amanda for a short trail ride before working at the barn.

8 weeks Tesla has been off of serious work, two short rides around the farm since the layup, and then today...Finally, some riding squeezed in!

The past few weeks all I've been doing is grooming, hiking, etc with Tesla.  He is happily at a good weight so now it is time to get fit again for a ride on Nov 21.  We have a saddle that was given a green light by the fitter, but after today I'm still not sure...He wasn't horrible, but things still aren't right.  Will try changing to another saddle padding option (Matrix, no inserts) and there is one more pad to look into beyond that...just more expensive as I already own option #2!

Tacked up, munching on Hay.

I am definitely feeling set back.  Tesla and I had clicked and had a great time in April, but since June we have just been battling and losing our rhythm. I hope with our pick back up into training and working more together we find it again.  We are both trying to get used a new saddle, and being out of competition shape.  I didn't push him hard today, but he ended a little sweaty so I got to see good patterns for the saddle! I think we did about 3 miles?  mostly walking, some trotting

Despite the battles, he is such a sweet boy.  He always watches me leave and I managed to grab a few photos of him doing so as it wasn't dark yet  :)

So what's next?  Hoping to get out for a longer slow ride this weekend, trying the matrix.  I'll be sending photos to the saddle fitter and saddle maker to get some feedback on what to adjust as well.

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