Sunday, October 18, 2015

fear and success

So I realized something this week driving home one night.  For some reason, when it comes to Tesla I am terrified.  Terrified of him or me getting hurt.  When I stop and think, I know it stems from my accident with Traveler.  He was a horse I knew to the nth degree; I knew when to push him or when to back off. How to get through to him when he has those "TB" moments of absolute flight above all. Yet we had this freak accident, and I lost him.  I have no idea how I didn't get hurt myself, but he kept me on.  Now here I am with Tesla, really any other horse, and all I see are potential hazards and the possible scary outcomes (Kind of like I do with my kids).  I'm afraid of pushing him too far, hurting him or myself.  Something I know will take time to get through...just not sure how or how long.

On the success side, after a refresher with Amanda Friday, I had minimal issues loading him alone Saturday morning!  So we actually managed to get to trail ride. First time back at Pleasant Grove since Aug 8!
He actually did pretty well out there all alone - he had his hay and happily munched among the many trailers as it was a beautiful day!
Where are all the horses?

I adjusted the saddle and switched to the Matrix without inserts and we went rolling out on the trails with 3 of my wonderful friends who came back to the trail-head to pick us up as I couldn't get out early as I wanted to be at Asher's soccer game.
Checking it out
Almost ready to head out

He was significantly better than Tuesday night; a few tries at bucking at the trot which he listened to the verbal reprimands about - which seemed more about temper tantrums than pain.  Some nice cantering & extended trotting. We moved at a fast pace for 5miles or so, and he wasn't huffing. So he is in better shape than I gave him credit for after all that time off and weight put on!

Some sweat post ride - looks a good fit!
Got a little sweaty, and then gave me issues with loading again :P  Fortunately another rider came to my aid before pulling out and as she got remotely close to us he jumped right up.  I hate needing a second set of hands!!!

apparently this is what he thought of the day

Friday night I talked with a trainer about an hour away I may set up a day with him. Same charge whether it takes 1 or 10 hours, but he will get Tesla loading on command.  I've seen videos of other horses he has worked with at the farm and when they've gone home.  Don't really have time to do it till after Gobble till You Wobble in Nov, and MAYBE between now and then we'll have it worked out ourselves, but this is in my back pocket.

I finally remembered to give him his stall toy too. He is quite the playful thing, so I thought he might enjoy it. He kept dodging my attempts to get a picture, but finally got a good one of him playing!

And we've had a cold snap here.  Saturday night was the first frost...Gypsy now says the wood floors are too cold, but her pillow in our room is too far from the she commandeered the older bean bag chair and Skyler joined her.
Rough life huh?!


  1. Now I am concerned with you worrying about being hurt or TESLA being hurt. Maybe you need the hypnotherapist that I go to, lol, lol.......SERIOUSLY....Just take things slow and easy and it will all work out.

    1. Not meant to worry, just a realization I had this week. Fear is hard to overcome, and I finally saw how it is impacting our relationship/training.