Sunday, October 25, 2015

lesson day

Today was a good day :)

To top off a great weekend!  Actually, even a pretty good week.... Started out with really good horse news - Monday Tesla had a follow up after his 8weeks off with Sarah for a massage and she said "he is almost a different horse".  She found no re-activity, no sore back - he just had spots he liked and was enjoying it overall.  She also commented how much his personality has changed to be more sure of himself and comfortable in his own skin.  I was truly relieved to hear we are on the right path again and now it is back to getting us in sync.

Long week at work, but Friday was Doug & my 10yr wedding anniversary.  We had a hurricane on our wedding day in 2005, and we've endured a lot of changes over the last 10 years, but our relationship has only changed for the better, stronger.  He is a wonderful husband and father and I'm lucky he's mine <3.

Doug found set of bands made in Hawaii using wood native to Hawaii on Etsy. We ordered them to remember our 10th with a flashback to the honeymoon spot, and then the traditional gift is tin/aluminum.  We both managed to get each other somewhat of the same thing and have cool key-chains to show for it lol.  One more gift of mine to him hasn't made it here yet though. Hopefully this week!
Friday night we enjoyed the Stony Point Carnival - I had to work a bit of it as the PTO treasurer, but still had a chance to enjoy some bounce house and face painting with the kids :)

Saturday was pumpkin picking and dinner out with the kids. Then we stopped for an ice-cream cake to eat after they were in bed!

Today I got to spend my afternoon with Tesla and doing horse stuff. Nice end to the weekend!
Amanda and I finally were able to spend time working on a few things, so we put Tesla through the ringer.
Started off with trailer loading.  She finally saw first hand the issue I was dealing with with him fighting me to go on.  I was leading him in, but also using the bar upfront for some leverage for when he pulled back with my lunge line. First "fight" he lost and then stood at the door licking and chewing.  Second time he pulled back my line broke! (flat nylon line that is at least 10yr old) ok, slight win there for Tesla....  We fixed that and went for a 3rd try.  He pulled back again but darted to the other side (toward the tack door) and I was between the rope and the wall so I learned you CAN get rope burn through your clothes before having to let him "win" - at which point Amanda was pushing him back toward the trailer with my whip.  4th try, up and on.  We stayed in a moment...backed off and repeated 3 or so more times without Amanda's help and no tension on the line.
Then decided we'll take a lesson too!  Telsa got to learn about a training martingale and not tossing his head constantly.  Definitely full of himself to start with, but a quick learner.  Let me just say, I've never seen so much 'action' in his step!  I got to watch him move on the line and when he is showy boy is he fancy! He also is Mr. Attitude with several of his Arab "blows" to express his feelings at the moment.  It is always nice to have a set of hands and brains right there with more training experience that can tell me what I need to change and help Tesla to understand what is being asked of him. Makes me feel a bit less lost in my working with him which keeps both our frustration levels down.  He did really well, got good and sweaty and then we untacked cleaned up and loaded on the trailer one last time!  Minimal balk on walking up, but he quickly realized it was better to come with, stayed on a moment for some praise and backed off nicely. Then we called it a day :)
Amanda had him on the lunge line to get used to her tack and get him thinking

I've also working on getting my trailer insulation completed and am now done with the roof other than the bends to walls and the nose point where I have a too many bends to easily get foam board into....  Not sure if I will be done for the Gobble ride, but I am getting an electric site to help with the cold nights anyway! The rest will take a bit more figuring and concentration to work on!

Tomorrow is another Monday... I might get a chance to take him out into the arena again, not sure.  Tuesday is a chiro appointment and see how his back is holding up from his adjustments in Sept. Hopefully we won't need them again for a few months after this!  Farrier this week too.  Busy one for Tesla!

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  1. everything sounds soooo good, GRIFFIN. I am really happy for you....MOM