Saturday, October 31, 2015

small steps

It appears last Sunday's session with Tesla, and follow up practice Monday, did some good.
I figured I'd really test it out today and moved the trailer up to the barn where I would normally load up if we were actually going somewhere.  I fully expected Mr. Smarty Pants to put on the brakes but he ran right up there with me twice straight out of the field.  Score!

Then I took him in to get groomed and tacked up for some more arena work with a training martingale.  I used my own saddle and bridle, so a little different than last week's set up and he did pretty well.  We walked a lot and he keeps his head in a nice position there.  Trotting he seems to think the head instantly comes up, but it got better as we worked. Small steps forward :)  He gave no thought to ever bucking either.

Then we went and cleaned up, and back up onto the trailer. No the plan going forward will be to load up at least 1x a week for a while and make sure we are not going to revert again.

Post lunging, ready to get on

I put him back out in the field and got some extra time to get the trailer ready for Gobble in a few weeks, re-organizing and figuring out what needed to stay or go. Finally, took care of the gang for dinner and field rotation and then went home to get ready for Halloween!

We took the kids to the local firehouse, and then off to one of the large neighborhoods near work to do some door to door.  They had fun :)

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  1. it's glad TESLA is doing the right thing by you and that practice is making perfect. THE KIDS look fantastic and I'm sure a good time was had by all. STAY WARM, STAY COMFY........KISS THE KIDDOS FOR US.