Monday, November 23, 2015

1 year!

One year ago today I picked him up!

Picked him up in West Va with the help of some friends Nov 23 2014

And this year has been interesting.  Definitely have wondered from time to time if I did let my dream of the "black stallion" get the better of me, and if I really could handle another green horse...starting over after losing a horse I put so much into and had my heart.  But don't let doubts like that get to you right?  We worked hard to figure out the issues; worked with a trainer when I couldn't give him time while we moved, been taking lessons here and there...enlisted the help of a saddle fitter, equine massage therapist, and a chiropractor.  Taken a few spills, endured some fun and not so fun bucks, highs and lows, and came out a year later with a happy, healthy, athletic horse that I adore.  Sure, he still can be a jerk (he is a guy after all), but he gives you his heart.

Our LD riding alone showed me what he is made of, and what we can do together.  I failed to mention in my last post that he did not buck at all on the ride!  Not even any head tossing until we got within the last 2 miles of the finish - which I wasn't sure if it was about getting ahead of the other 3 around us, or something was sore.  I leaned toward the first and tonight got confirmation.  He had his massage check in and she said he felt and looked great.  No particular issues, no problem spots. He is an athlete recovering nicely from a tough ride and long hauls.  I am so relieved that we are on the right path to keep him comfortable, performing and behaving as we keep hitting those trails.

One of the ride photos I bought (waiting on my print to arrive) - Copyright Peter DeMott Photography

Tonight was our "anniversary" and he thoroughly enjoyed his massage and extra carrots! Now time for some R&R and Turkey!

Anniversary Selfies!

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