Sunday, November 22, 2015

3 for 3!

We did it!  Much time in between rides, but we made it our 3rd LD and completed! We went all the way to Ohio (about 6.5-7hr haul) but it was fun and an awesome experience.
Earned a hoodie - nice and cozy!

The stars aligned I think for this.  This weekend was a year (11/23/14 actually) since I picked up Tesla with a good friend Karin from an endurance buddy Paula in WVa who went to the KY Diehards ride and grabbed him from Aubree for me (after completing an LD there & top ten).  We stopped for gas at the same exit coincidentally and Aubree & Joe were also at Gobble this year!

After the year I have had, back and forth with him finding our rhythm, losing it, having saddle issues, this weekend was it.  We are partners now, and so look forward to our Decade team goal!

Amanda had to help get him in the trailer with her "Get up there" voice and we were off.  The drive itself was good, until about 50mi from the ride where I had a slew of embarrassing moments I might disclose later..  But we arrived about 4pm, gave him a little walk around, hay/water/grass, and pulled the cooler and then went to vet in.  Vetted in great, tho this vet gave him a 4 body score (5 being ideal) which baffles me as he has put on a good deal of weight since June and has no ribs showing...unlike the score of 4 he received back at the OD where I thought he was thin and agreed with that.  Oh well.

I got an electric site, because it was going to be cold overnight and needed a heater!  The way I was put in I had to set up his corral panels behind the trailer...which bugged me that I couldn't see him from my windows at night.  I always like to look out and see his glow stick munching or sleeping.  And it was darn cold...20 something Friday night.  Tesla was bundled up in his blanket, lots of hay and water when I turned in.  I have my bed area mostly insulated and needed my little space heater on full blast up there, in a sleeping bag with wool blanket, in fleece pjs/socks AND another blanket on top of me and a hat to be a comfortable temp to sleep :P   In the morning I put my clothes in front of the heater for a few as I dressed lol.   Lots of layers!

Almost ready to go
Antsy man
There is one thing about him I'm not sure how to work on.  He is really antsy and pushy the morning of a ride. So much that it takes quite a bit to get tacked up. So in my dealing with that, and not actually wearing a watch, we ran later than I hoped and planned for the start!  So, we started 5 min AFTER everyone was gone... I wasn't sure what this was going to bring, but it ended up being great for us!  We walked & trotted out of camp nice and controlled and went off on the 2 mile climb.  I was very glad I put the bells on our saddle as were alone and gave some noise and we did in fact run across some of the youth hunters!  One crazy hop and slide? in the mud almost got me off within the first 10min but we recovered and went on.

And we went and started passing folks... and caught up to a few friends and then kind of was in and out of riding groups for the rest of the first loop.  The Vipers on front held on through AWFUL mud spots, but then 10steps past his pee break one of the cables shredded?!  Ugh, I think boots will be our back up plan.  Went one with 1 boot no issue. Got back to camp for VC1 and I took some time to drop off a few items at the trailer before pulsing in. All As, 40/44 CRI. Bob (vet) comments was he had a freakish HR and was obviously ready for more.  I took off the second front boot as he could easily do the course barefoot. But then it took a bit to get him eating and drinking and then it was time to go again! My camping spot unfortunately got NO sun, so I was trying to move him into a spot that wasn't still frozen and finally got it worked out where he would eat and not try and roll (because I kept tack ON in the cool weather he couldn't roll).  So we went off on the second loop with a fellow GB Stacey and her mare but didn't stay together long. He was ready to keep moving!  We rode with others here and there, and I had pulled the bells at the VC and realized he actually likes them!  He was a bit more distracted, and sometimes pokey without them.  All in all, it was good.  We ended up riding most of the second loop, except for the last 3miles or so, alone as well.  We had deer that he calmly passed by and didn't spook when they ran off, lots of water spots to drink and tried to find some grass. Most of what he grabbed he decided wasn't worth staying for.  Came into the finish, dropped his tack and immediately went to the pulse box.  50.   Then proceeded to the vet for completion.  He got all A's again 44 final HR and a completion :)

All done!

A taste of my ride...Loop 1a

Due to frigid temps the night before, and Amanda and her son primitive camping, they needed to leave Saturday.  We were driving buddies and given my trip up, I felt better not heading back alone.  We gave Tesla a rest and chance to refuel and then hit to road back home. Something I've never done LD going home same day.  Tesla was none to happy about loading, very antsy until we got on the road.  Mad enough NOT to take a carrot from me at our 1st gas stop. We rolled into the barn at 930, tucked the boys in with more food, hay and water and dropped the trailer.  All I brought home was my bag with meds I needed for that night.  I got home at 1045pm.  long day!

I went back today and deconstructed my trailer.  He's looking good today.  Gave him a good brush down and found a few twitchy spots which when Sarah visits him tomorrow can work on for his massage.  A well deserved one!


  1. sorry it had to be cut short. I MUST SAY, HOWEVER, YOU LOOK SMASHING in your GOBBLE outfit !!!! Hope lots of pictures were taken too. GIVE TESLA A KISS. Glad you are home SAFE AND SOUND. LOVE YOU, BABY GIRL.....MOM

  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!