Saturday, November 7, 2015

confidence boost!

Today was a good day.
Almost didn't make it tho - had some electrical issues when I hooked up that took a bit to figure out. Still not sure why it wouldn't connect consistently initially. It has happened once before, chalked it up to a bad plug in on my part.

Tesla loaded up like a good boy.  Stood decently while I fumbled for the second time in the barn driveway trying to figure out why the controller kept telling me "No Connection" but eventually it stayed on and off we went!

We got to Lake Anna on time despite running later than I planned in the morning, and having the electrical fun.  My first time there ever - met up with a riding buddy who I don't think we've seen each other in real life since the day I lost Traveler. Melissa was at IMJ and one of a few with cell signal so I could call Doug.  We've stayed in touch, been part of Central VA endurance training Facebook group, and she is on my Green Bean team - Mileage Mamas :)  Finally we got to ride together.  She is getting ready for a 60mile ride later this month on her little rescue Paso mare Holly. Tesla and she did great together.

Tesla did great. Tacked up nicely, moved out when asked. He was happy :)  Not even one buck, let alone a thought of buck, or head tossing!  I think he finally realized things feel good - and things felt great for both of us.  Our Stonewall Saddle was comfy for the faster movement for me too.  Not sore at all and managed to make my saddle pack work with it. Going to keep it without a sheepskin seat at this point.

Getting ready, heard the runners yelling on the road

We rode in the rain for a good deal, so we only did 10.5 or 11.5 miles (depending who's tracker you use) instead of the original plan of 20.  Loading up to going home he balked a few times, but 3rd time we were on without needing Melissa to lend a hand behind for encouragement.


A video - I need to angle the camera down a little, but it was fun to use! Beautiful fall views.  I have a few others, but one had a rain drop on it the whole time tho lol.

All done, and WET!

This ride was the confidence boost I needed.  Tesla is still fit as a fiddle, loves to move, and is doing so now without pain. The saddle is working for me, and I feel secure in it and in him again. No more anxieties over "the next buck." Monday he has a "tune-up" with a short massage then Tues morning we go for fall shots and his health certificate for Gobble! He'll basically be off work until the ride, as I have a lack of time to do much now - maybe some arena work.  We are going to stick with original plan of the LD, and work to move up to the 50 when we return for 2016 :)  I think he is pretty quickly going to be ready - especially in cooler weather. Hot, humid rides will take some more work.

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