Wednesday, November 18, 2015

countdown to Ohio

Happy Hump Day! and only two more days, then we hit the road for an LD in Ohio :)  I think I'm more nervous about the long haul getting there and back than anything else!  But, Amanda and I are following each other so we won't be completely alone.  Now I'm wishing I had an iPod ready with music to plug in. Always fun to try and find radio stations to keep on...Maybe I'll dig mine up and see what is on it!  I have no idea where all the CD's are at this point so can't even grab those (unless I want toddler songs, Shrek the Musical or Frozen soundtrack lol)

This past weekend and Monday night I've gotten as much pre-work done as I can. Trailer is just missing Tesla, his supplements and another bale of hay to hit the road.  Oh, and of course my bag of stuff and cooler which will be in the truck with me.

The forecast for Gobble last week was looking like rain, but then turned beautiful, and then yesterday morning went back to rain Saturday afternoon and much cooler temps overnight (like now 20s!).  Very glad I'm getting an electric site to run my little space heater and we might bring along heated water buckets for the boys. The insulation I've put in so far has made a difference on inside temps but definitely need to finish it out over the winter!  I have to decide what kind of paneling I want on the walls and ceiling tho. Too many options!

Tomorrow the truck is having a tune up with oil change, tire rotation and an apparently needed replacement of the 7pin/4pin trailer plug. I was having some flickering issues Monday night so I'm just not taking any chances. The brake controller stayed connected this time, but the running lights were flickering a bunch and the fit just isn't as tight as to other plugs.  Also have a tail light on the truck with a loose wire, and one of the license plate lights went out so I'll get that all fixed too.

Next blog update will hopefully find a cold, yet fun completion story from us!  And if not, lessons learned for next season (either way!).

Tesla on Saturday morning napping in the hay

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  1. good job, GRIFFIN. You have everything under control. HOPING FOR A SAFE, HAPPY TRIP for you......LOVE YA, MOM