Friday, December 25, 2015

dreaming of a white christmas

Oh this week has been nothing but rain...and now MUD!  Not only has it got me and the kids stir crazy, the dogs too.  I know Tesla is still getting outside at least :P  I wonder how muddy he will be tomorrow!

No white Christmas is 71!  At least it isn't raining at the moment, but coming back... I'm in major riding deprivation mode.  I seriously have not been on Tesla since Gobble!  I'm praying that I can get some saddle time in around the rain expected Saturday.  If not, I have to wait until 2016....

Some inspirational videos of late I like :)

Why do I ride?

Turn off the Critic inside

Gifts from hubby and kids...blanket for my trailer, new water bottles and multi-tool for the saddle bag, warm fuzzy socks - M&Ms and hot cocoa 

smile emoticon

Monday, December 7, 2015

a long winter's nap

Must feel that way for Tesla - He hasn't had to work since we came back from Gobble!  The holiday hustle and bustle has just not left any time for that.

So now the next two weekends I won't get see him due to scheduling issues, not even "working" the next 2 :(  Hoping to get to ride some over the winter break! I'm due for my Pandora demo/trial saddle any day now too...if that happens while we're in this crazy time I'll need to get creative!

So the past few times I've just groomed and undone the wind knots after finishing up barn chores. He's been in a blanket most of the time, but tonight that was taken off. This week is warming toward 70 by the weekend!  I will say the nice thing, he is so shiny and clean!

must you mom?

I was attempting to show how shiny and knots gone!