Friday, December 25, 2015

dreaming of a white christmas

Oh this week has been nothing but rain...and now MUD!  Not only has it got me and the kids stir crazy, the dogs too.  I know Tesla is still getting outside at least :P  I wonder how muddy he will be tomorrow!

No white Christmas is 71!  At least it isn't raining at the moment, but coming back... I'm in major riding deprivation mode.  I seriously have not been on Tesla since Gobble!  I'm praying that I can get some saddle time in around the rain expected Saturday.  If not, I have to wait until 2016....

Some inspirational videos of late I like :)

Why do I ride?

Turn off the Critic inside

Gifts from hubby and kids...blanket for my trailer, new water bottles and multi-tool for the saddle bag, warm fuzzy socks - M&Ms and hot cocoa 

smile emoticon

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