Saturday, January 30, 2016


I was a bit snowed in during our storm!

50s & sunny today, with snow slowly melting away :)  And I finally got out to Tesla, almost 2 weeks since the last time...

I spent about an hour between brushing, hooves and wind-knots. He was very good for doing his feet (untied), and his playful self decided to grab my jacket hood and pull it around while I was doing the last hoof on front.  He is cute sometimes.  He got a little wide eyed when I tied him up and started to tack him up, but not too bad.

So he was a total teenager/toddler today.  I couldn't do as much lunging before hand as the arena was still well covered in hoof+ deep snow. But we walked and did some figure eights, one instance of "let me try and jump forward, throw my head down and think about bucking" move.  Then we just kept walking and walking...Once I felt he was 'ears on me' enough I went to take him out for a driveway walk.  He did really well standing at the block when I remounted after opening the gate.  Didn't move a muscle till I asked.  He actually was crowding the block too, making it a little difficult to get on but that is better than being too far away!

And off we went, spooking at everything! shadows? yep.  trees moving in the wind? yep. a pile of snow?  yep and that one was a stop with almost a roll back...but the next two snow piles just got a sideways glance.  We walked around and up the driveway, then down some of the ATV tracks to the other side, back past the snow piles with no reaction, so I decided to change directions. Everything is so much scarier coming from the other direction right?! Actually it wasn't but we had 10min discussion about the fact I wanted to go straight and not back up the driveway after he drank from some water from melted tire tracks (got lots of good boys for the drinking).  He pulled a "pop the head way up and hope to smack you in the head" move, but I am now riding with a running martingale so that was a 1 time "damn!"... next let me "bend my nose and sidepass the way I want to go". So I backed him the direction I wanted to go until we could turn and move past the stuck point & forward.  Then when I finally decided we could head back to the barn we fought to stay at a walk and did a few circles in the yard to regain composure.  More "bend my nose and sidepass" moves and eventually walked back through the gate into the arena.  I asked him to do a few walking lunge circles around me again to focus and then we called it a day.... 45min or so...Probably only a 0.5 mile in distance, although those walks around the arena add up quicker than one might think, but I didn't turn on my tracker so I can only guess.

He is darn cute tho... We just need more consistent riding time and get through this winter!

Time to roll!

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