Saturday, January 16, 2016


Not a whole lot to report... Been working on groundwork as of late.  Today we went on a hike :)

We went down to the creek, which he was ready to go across but it was too deep for me walk it, so I let him play.

And I'm really horrible at Selfies with Tesla, but I'll put them out here anyway!

I had every intention of going to a training ride tomorrow, but life has other plans of course. Between the weather not deciding on what to be (50s today, snow tomorrow) and my trailer not done because of all the rain, I am not off to the mountains.  Hopefully, today was dry enough that he finished the welding work and I can pick it up soon!

Once I pick it up I can work with a trainer and getting his loading issues nailed down.  Then hopefully we'll be free to roam again.

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