Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ready for action

So what has happened these past ~2 weeks?

First, Tesla had his massage and we tried a new tool with him - Magnawave.  For those who do sports and massage yourself, it feels like a Tens Unit for muscle stimulation but doesn't need to be attached to you. Tesla had no fear of it, grabbing it several times to play of course!  He also learned during that session to zip and unzip my jacket.  What a goof.

Goofy one stuck his nose IN my jacket when I tried to snap
a picture of him holding the Magnawave (tube you can see on the floor)
2 days post ride he was showing swelling in his front left "ankle" with very mild heat.  We didn't feel anything specific, but later that week it showed that he was irritated by something - possibly the new boots we tried out, or skin issue.  More and more I am seeing us going to shoes for this season, keeping boots as a backup.  Hoping to get him into EasyShoe N/Gs.  Granted he could do many rides barefoot and I like to keep him that way, but a lot of our closer rides require foot protection as they are in the mountains.

So he's been resting. Swelling went away, and he is just still a little stiff in the rear when first getting out of his stall.

In between we had an snow/ice/rain storm here, and will be bouncing to 60s this coming weekend (with another winter storm threat for next week!)

I am not looking at you mom.
Yesterday was spring vet check!  Now he's ready to roll :)  Of course, I put him through the ringer.. Normal shots and Coggins time, then he had a power float and while he was 'out' she did his sheath again.  Even heavily drugged to the point of almost falling down he managed to kick at her and knock a towel out of her hands.  I don't see me ever doing this one myself!   I also went ahead to get a baseline set of blood levels on him. We battle dry skin on and off, and of course his weight here and there.  I had the vet take a look at his rub, which she agreed wasn't scratches or the like, but something irritated it so now just letting it heal.  Once I have his results we can discuss further changes to his feeding program and then sometime this year I hope to have a set run at a ride pre, during, and post to see how his metabolics shift around for electrolyting and/or adding supplements specifically for the rides.

I can't lift my head

So pitiful looking trying to wake up

Up and coming - Trailer loading!  Saturday is a hoof trim and then off to work with a trainer on loading in my trailer and hers.  Maybe some riding while there as we simulate the come & go aspects since he can be good for one direction and not the other!

He is ready to roll for spring rides and a barn move. Still working on the latter as to where/when, but he will be returning to 24/7 pasture kept in the next month or two.
We had a few quotes done our land and will be moving forward in the next few weeks (once everything stays snow free and dry enough) with getting rid of the rest of the brush and some trees out front for the pasture!  Then we can start marking fence lines and size up the run-in barn. Can't wait!

Not much riding going to be happening unfortunately... We have been asked to work extra weekend hours to finish up some items by the end of March. They are making it worth our while to do at least, but definitely changes my ride plans for this year...  Hoping the longer days will let me get some ride time in somewhere, but as far as full day training rides, not likely for a while :(

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