Monday, February 29, 2016

Ride plans?

So as we already know, my ride plans for this spring got tossed like a salad and still hanging waiting to fall into bowls!  I hate it...I am such a 'task/goal' orientated person I have to see a plan in mind!!

So here's how I see it shake down at the moment:
Tonight - I was hoping to get a little saddle time; lunged first to see how he stands.  As he kept working in a trot and moved into a canter I could tell he was still NQR on his left rear end.  Sigh... So he got to lunge and loading practice. Monday's will be like this for the month...Fingers crossed for good weather and favorable horse :)
3-5/6: Hope to ride Saturday eve after work  - if so, just would be arena work.
3-12/13:  Hope to ride after work Saturday, likely just arena time.
3-19/20:  Planning on a day ride a few hours away on Sunday 10-15 mile loop.
3-26/27:  Tesla moves to a new barn.  This begins a new chapter of figuring out when to ride!  I will not have to do barn chores so that will free me up a little to do more arena work or on-site trails (once I'm shown them) after work in the evenings and I can flex my days around the weather (and our other schedules).  I will probably give him the week to adjust and just play in the round pen that following week.
4- 2/3: Ride at least 12 mile conditioning
4-9/10: Either I will run up to Foxcatcher to volunteer, or stick around for another 12mi+ conditioning.
4-16/17: Ride at least 12 mile conditioning
4-32/24: No Frills LD (30miles)
From here it gets fuzzy....the bulk of what I want to do next is just keep him fit and working towards a 50 later.  As to when that "later" is I have no idea! Possible trip to Ohio again for end of June 50? Wait till WVa ride early Aug for the 50?  Continue on LDs and try the 50 at Biltmore fall ride?

Too much time on my hands thinking about what comes next...Ultimately, I just need him sound and healthy and we'll get to what rides we can.

Tried on his S-hack snap on bridle finally... but his attitude before we even made it to the arena
 showed me there wouldn't be any riding using it tonight!

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