Thursday, March 10, 2016

a prescription to ride

So a few weekends ago I noticed Tesla doing something funny in the back end when cantering on the line. I was assessing him to see if he was still dragging a toe or moving stiff from our scramble on the ice before legging up.  Best way to describe what I saw is a "bunny hop" movement. While he has done a few of those previously, it was not a consistent thing that I saw before so I knew something is NQR.

When you see this in dogs, you automatically think hips... Can the same can be said for horses?  I know he has had previous SI/Pelvis out of whack requiring chiro.  We have an appointment coming up with the chiro again and I will discuss this new finding with him too.

And, Tesla turned 9 on Monday! 
The prescription from his massage therapist after review of older videos  = RIDE MORE!  The more he is ridden and moving, and the fitter he gets, the less likely the stiffness will occur, especially if it is stifle related.  Now that is a prescription I can live with ;)  Older videos shows he has done this before for a few steps, even before I bought him, and that he is also protecting his left hind in some manner during transitions by bracing with the right.  She isn't sure if this muscular or a skeletal issue...  We didn't find red flags Monday on the stifle, and he is perfectly sound at a walk and trot.  I will work on building him back up after this winter of day time stalling and less movement/riding and hopefully between it all and back in fitness training it will improve.

Fortunately, as my understanding of it all at this moment, it doesn't change much for us.  Something I need to keep an eye on to watch for worsening, but he can still compete. Maybe he's not destined to be a 100 mile horse, time will tell.  I'm not there yet in my thoughts anyway!  I just want a happy partner for decade team, and right now 50s are a daunting enough challenge to me mentally!

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