Monday, March 28, 2016


While many of my friends were out doing their first ride of the season for the NE region, I had to put that on hold as we didn't have time to condition properly due to my work schedule in March.  Instead, Tesla moved to his new barn - about 5 miles from the previous.  He is now back to 24/7 pasture, with 5 other herd mates and coming in for feeding/body check 2x day.

I don't think I could've asked for a better move!  We had good weather even! I hooked up and finished loading up the truck & trailer with our stuff, and then asked him to load.  He gave a little balk when we first walked up, got a what for from me, then easily followed me up and stood for the slant gate closing.  A few min later, we were at the new place!

He had to stand a few min on the trailer when we arrived and I could him him bouncing a little, but no pawing or calling.  We unloaded and put him in a small lot between two of the larger groups/pastures.  He played over the fence with both groups, a few little runs, but was generally more interested in the grass and hanging out.

Everyone was so cool and calm about the whole thing Amy (new barn owner) and I discussed putting him out all together that morning instead of later that day or the next.   So we did....very uneventful set of introductions and a little running in the big field area, but when I left a bit later he was happily hanging with George.
Tesla and George

I then enjoyed two egg hunts with the kids between Skyler's school hosting one and our work event :)


And we cut down a tree in the backyard after that, and few more in front Sunday.

Tonight I went to see Tesla. He is settling in really well, one new mark on his back from playing.  I just groomed him (left a whole lot of hair and mud behind), worked him in the round pen a bit, then worked on introducing him to the arena to see and hear the dog kennels right there, to check out Clover the resident cow, and the 2 Minis I'm not sure he'd noticed.  He took it all in stride and even helped teach one of the dogs that horses aren't so bad reaching out to sniff him.  He seems to be fitting in and I look forward to getting to ride this weekend!

Muddy mess

all cleaned up...for now

Hi Clover

Saying hi to the minis (2)

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