Sunday, March 20, 2016

Play day

We did it!
Finally, I loaded Tesla alone to and from a play day today!  He loaded in less time than it took me to hook-up to head out :P and on the 3rd time asking to get up on the way home. A huge monkey has been taken off my back now :)

(pictures of us leaving Red Horse Equine Training barn)

Overall the week didn't go as planned.  Monday he was a bit more difficult to load, so I knew I needed to work on it Saturday before our planned ride today. Tuesday I got a text from the barn owner that he was not acting right - more tired/sluggish than usual.  He went through a lot of changes with DST including a change in time of day he's out vs stalled and one buddy leaving for training.  I discussed with vet, we decided to keep an eye on him and a trial run of ulcergard to see if it is tummy related.  Between that and the expected weather (snow/sleet) for this weekend, we all agreed to cancel our team conditioning ride for now.

Saturday I decided to slow it down a little, and just work on the front feet on/off, backing when I ask, calmness.  After doing that, I felt that maybe in 45-hr we'd be fine loading calmly I was prepared for next time.

But today, the weather actually didn't get nasty and Doug gave me the option to head out again to work with him.  My goal was purely to get him on the trailer. The trainer that helped us last month with loading was doing a "play day" with some obstacles at her barn, so I figured IF we got loaded in time, we'd go.  I was in no rush and prepared to spend all afternoon.  I decided to switch back to his rope halter this time and as soon as it "bit back" at him for pulling, he decided it was time to get on. I backed him off, and we did on/off a few times, then when he stood calmly inside, I put up his slant latch and tied him up, and off we went... only like 10min to get on :)  So proud of him!  We got to the other barn, he unloaded nicely (not flying back) and we had some fun playing with obstacles for a bit, and got to hang with a mustang too.




In other news this week, our land was cleared and seeded! :)  Now the real planning begins...what has to come first and what can we do with limited budget to start with and expand later. (Perimeter walk using an exercise app of what we plan to fence in)

This weekend he moves...So the ulcergard is on the way to use the days surrounding it, and then an extra tube once he settles in and I can see if it is making any difference in him.  He had a hearty appetite when we came back this afternoon :)

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