Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Ahead

Saturday was a long day, like a repeat of Mondays!   I worked all day, then headed off to the barn for my chore night.  The weather was too nice to do not enjoy some time with Tesla, so I sacrificed getting home in time for baths to get in a little ride upon my arrival.

Through the Ears view...
checking out the kids on the trampoline
I've been pulling Tesla out of the stall and heading straight to the trailer.  Tied there, we groom and get tack on.  He has some itchy spots with the winter coat shedding, and some dry skin flaking again. We lunged a few minutes, then I worked to get out of my own head and hopped on.  Lots of walking, changing directions, backing, circles and then moved on to trotting.  Taking to heart something my teammate Jaime said in her blog, I tried to shut myself up.  I find it really hard!  At least I succeeded a little in the preemptive snaps at him to "quit it" or "eh-eh", and trying to stay out of his mouth. I'm so concerned he is going to buck, that I have been getting on to him at the slightest thought of it.
 Overall I felt we had a good ride, more of a "ok, we're just going to ease back into this" and try to reestablish some confidence in myself that he isn't always going to buck.  We covered about a mile in the arena in a short time.  I never realized how much you actually do in a rectangle as opposed to on the trail!

I hopped off and unhooked his reins, hoping to do more free lunging tacked up, but he was stuck to me like glue.  So, I had fun with it and ran around the arena with him. Zig & Zag, stop and back. He is a fun horse to "Join up" and play some with.  Lots of scratches and a good brush post ride, then back to his stall while I cleaned up before turning horses in & out.

I've found a new toy online to love! lol.  FeedXL - let me compare like 12 different diet scenarios and see where he balances out.  I was trying to resolve exactly what supplements he needs vs. nice to have in his diet.  We are adding a Pre/Probiotic in his next smartpak, and while that makes no difference in his balance or not, I feel it is a good yet inexpensive move for his overall gut health as we have a barn move and so many (competitive) horses have ulcers or tummy upset without us even knowing. He has been getting picky over his feed this winter, and this could help that.

Tonight will be loading practice as I plan to go on a conditioning ride on the 20th /Sunday with my Green Bean team!  My boss asked when my first ride would be this season, and I really have no idea.  I hadn't planned on Biltmore in May, but it may be the only option nearby this spring with how crazy things are going at the moment.  No Frills is a tentative LD, there are a few appointments between now & then that will dictate if it comes to fruition.

With DST Tesla has switched to being out during the day and in at night until his move.  The end of this week we will change his feeding routine to 2x a day to get on schedule with the new place.  I'm in process of cleaning blankets from the winter to tuck away at home, and anxiously awaiting the land guy to clear the front so I can work on the trailer at home and start even more dreaming and planning the future pasture & barn :)

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