Saturday, April 2, 2016

back at it!

Today was a good day. Tesla was back to his old self, with just a few antics thrown in!

 About ready to head out...

Our ride was postponed a little bit due to rain, but it turned out to be a wonderful day to ride.  We got in a nice 10miles with friends.  He was happy to follow along and also to take the lead.  The one actual buck came when we were trotting along and Red (horse in front him) hit the canter and Tesla did a yeehaw thing.  Next time I caught him with the head toss and stopped the thought from following through.  But given our last long ride, I'll take it!  No fighting, really no need for the martingale today! No soreness for either of us that I can tell, other than my ankle in my beginning as it didn't want to stretch!

Loading went well leaving the barn, a little sternness and he loaded up within 5 minutes.  We arrived at the trail head with no one around.   He was cool a cucumber!

waiting for our friends
We had a nice small group since the rain seemed to scare a few away! It didn't rain long, and it turned out to be a really pretty day.  Kind of warm in some spots!

Lead the way!

And the rest behind us
He barely broke a sweat and was just happy to be out enjoying the trails :)
This guy did his EDPP just fine, taking advantage of a stop for one other horses to pee to do so himself...grabbing grass every chance he could - stopping dead from a trot to grab water from a puddle when he was thirsty (sent me towards his neck too lol).

Post ride, feed me!
Loading up to go home, well that took a little longer.  When I gave him the "what for" for not coming on when I asked, it worked...but all too well!  He was too eagerly behind me and ended up stepping on my heel...which as I yelped he ran backwards. He knew he shouldn't have... 2more attempts and he was loaded.  A bit freaked out by the wind gust that came in as I was getting him settled but then he stopped dancing once I closed his window and the wind wasn't as bad.

a little cut and bruised...

Hoping this attitude sticks around as we get ready for No Frills LD!

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