Sunday, April 10, 2016

wild weather riding

Last Monday began a cold snap with wind again, but we got out with another gal from the new barn to learn some of the trails.  There are lots to train on :) A lot of powerline and old logging roads, nice wide paths....good to move out on and able to slow down for the mud.
We did 6.5 miles following her big warmblood with little incident. The only issue was coming back around the back of his pasture and buddies.  A little jiggy then, but made it through.

Saturday we got out for another good ride.  Well, started out a little rough...while I 'budgeted' for 30min to load, we ended up taking 45 and getting there a few min late. Fortunately my friends were nice enough to wait and let me throw tack on real quick to head out upon our arrival.  We all wondered if we were a bit nuts with how much the wind was starting to blow.  Got to ride again with an old boarding buddy that we had plans to go to IMJ together with our boys. She suffered a back injury and couldn't ride for a while, and now has a gaited horse that Tesla seemed to enjoy hanging with.  We got in 11.5miles, with no bucks or 'tantrums'.  He was surprisingly calm back at the trailer even when we'd get nailed with 40mph+ gusts as I was pulling tack and brushing him quickly. He just happily munched his hay...  Loading up to go home was very 'easy' in comparison (usually it is the worst of them!).
 I got very lucky actually. I had my door open using the stopper but kept watching as I had an inkling it wouldn't hold in the winds.  Tesla was 1/2 up, and I felt a large gust...I rushed him back off in time to have the door come loose and my arm out in time to stop it from slamming into him.  I can only imagine if it had hit he would have never walked on again.  I then enlisted some help holding the door and a few tries and we were up ready to go.  I did notice that he seemed to be worried about my spot and not stepping on me like he did last weekend.  I've still got a sore spot on my Achilles from that one!

No pictures until we got back to the barn...all hands on deck for this ride in the wind!

Tesla hanging with George upon his return - all buts to the wind!

I rode Tesla Saturday morning on the heels of finding out a friend lost her super-pony, Shiloh.  They were not endurance folks, but lovers of the trail and absolute fun to be around at the other local camping rides we attended.  Kim is a wonderful person and Shiloh was her superman. She is heart broken and I totally understand why - I still miss Traveler and not day goes by I don't think of him.  The bond between human & horse is hard to explain, but the best I could say in short is: Regardless of their size, they leave huge hoofprints on our hearts and become part of our soul.

Friends have put together this page to help with Shiloh's hospital bills - if anyone feels moved to donate, please do so here.

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