Thursday, May 19, 2016

Moving forward

Earlier this week was the first time I've returned to the barn in the month since losing Tesla.  I decided to work towards something and keep making my modifications to the trailer LQ area. I made some progress on the hard to deal with curved areas. I plan to take advantage of the rainy weather (AGAIN!) this weekend to hopefully finish up all the curves, then move on to the other walls and putting the new floor in (which requires lots of reorganizing and moving stuff out to accomplish). I have a new mattress picked out (removed the old one that came with it), just waiting till I actually will be camping a bunch again to purchase. I can make do on the mattress topper a while yet.

I also finally put on the riding pants that arrived right before we were due to be at No Frills. I added some color to my attire with green & blue, but not so much that I'd be self conscious :)

And one announcement....
Going against previous statements and convictions, I am getting myself a new partner, sight unseen. Sort of.

Enter "Bold Prophecy" (Summer Saga x Autumn Kismet).  A 2008 Liver Chestnut Gelding Bred by Jennifer Whittaker at Mystic Rose Arabians in Memphis, TN.  Jennifer got me thinking about endurance with Traveler way back in 2009.  Through the old yahoo groups I found her to board with when we moved from MI.  My big old paint was a standout in her pastures, but her horses changed my mind about Arabs.  I've dreamed of a Saga baby someday.  I knew Dragon and Prophecy as youngsters while boarding there, and have watched them from afar. Dragon has found his home with another GreenBean, and I found Prophecy was up for sale after a change of hands over the last few years, now located outside of Nashville. After much talking with Jennifer, the current owner, and the trainer that had him for 60days earlier this year, all lead to that he & I will be a good match.  A playful type, as well as a level headed and bold guy.  Today was his vet check to ensure his current health and leg condition would be good for making a solid 50mile horse someday... after we get sorted through the health certificate and update to vaccines, next stop is Central VA for this guy!

With the trainer


  1. Congratulations Griffin! I am so happy for you, very best wishes to you and your new trail partner!

  2. So glad you've found a new endurance horse ♥ And he's a beauty! Big old hug.

  3. Congratulations on your new horse! And, I love the pants! Very hot!