Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Starting Over

This picture captures why I must soldier on...

(taken from FB, NOT Prophecy!)

Welcome home Bold Prophecy...After a much longer transport than anticipated, you arrived just after midnight!  A brief time of stretching and munching some grass and then I put him up in a stall for the night with hay and water.  Most of the pictures I took do not do him justice due to the lighting so here is the best one :)

Other than just wound up from a long ride, he seemed no worse for wear.  He is at a very good weight (might rival Dragon for the "Pork Chop" nickname Deb!), his legs felt good (no stocking up or heat), and he was eating, drinking and such like a champ.

He will get a chance to stretch and relax a few days, and then we will begin.  He's got a great base under saddle with a trainer and the previous owner, but I am going back to basics for the relationship/bond. While he is "bred for endurance", we are going to take it slow and see where we end up. I'm hoping to get to rides this fall and drag ride/volunteer to get him used to the commotion, likely waiting on an actual completion ride till 2017.

Overall, the past week/end has been a roller-coaster of emotions... First, a surprise set of fabric prints of pictures of my boys came with my order from Equi-Royals to put on a quilt or pillow.  Then, I received the bracelet I ordered made from Tesla's tail hair on Thursday.

And together on me constantly....

Friday I also received a letter that our vet who treated Tesla 2x that day before moving us to the emergency clinic had sent a donation into Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine in his name.

 And throughout the week I was working on cleaning tack anticipating the arrival of Prophecy.

Cleaned and headed back to the barn
This weekend on Facebook also saw many "On this day" memories of riding my boys over the years... I miss them deeply in different ways. I hope to form a bond quickly with Prophecy and tackle the endeavors of a long future together.

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