Tuesday, June 14, 2016

feet first

So this past Friday am Prophecy got to meet the farrier. He really enjoyed the "good boy" scratches from Forest between feet.  One minor "fight" over his back right foot, but he did well barely needing me there for his trim.

His feet were a bit overgrown, as I knew going into this.  What we discovered once getting them trimmed up - White Line Disease on all four.  Forest cut notches in the toes and cleaned them out, left me with instructions to soak as often as I could to keep them clean, and we will put him on a 3 week trim cycle (since the farrier is at our place every 3 weeks anyway).  It will take 6-8 months to be completely grown out, but he has good solid feet overall.

So what did I do Saturday?  Ran around doing errands that I had planned on all week, plus making a list of stuff to grab to able to treat the WLD!  Last night Prophecy got his first White Lightening and Vinegar treatment, with diapers to soak :P

He was very good for the whole ordeal as I had to clean each foot, dig into the notches a bit, and then go mix the solution and apply a diaper with duct tape to each foot.  Lucky for him, by the time I was done on the last foot he didn't have much longer to wait around!
My first experience with WLD, so this is all new to me!  I have some notes to myself on what to change for next time we soak.

We also accomplished another first for me!  A back mapping to figure out what saddles might work for us (I've had a fitter out for Tesla to do his map, this time I did it).  I enlisted help to keep him square when tied up, but of course didn't need her!  I placed him and he stayed put, other than cocking a hip trying to relax that I had to keep getting him to set the foot back down.
So he is definitely a wide tree boy... The stonewall wide card matches up well enough, so I am on the hunt for one used since I love the saddle, but also have a few others in mind to explore and demo.  One of my teammates found a wide Abetta for me to use and see if we can squeak some riding in while I figure it out, and another friend found and extra wide if we need to go even further.  Maybe within a week I can finally hop on! :)

Lastly, he got wormed before turning out.  He gave me the stink eye once he realized what I put in his mouth but was easy about it.   I did finally see him run off a bit to go find his buddies...I think I tortured him enough for one night!

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