Sunday, June 26, 2016

First ride, sort of

After just about a month settling in, and finding a saddle to use that fits, Prophecy had his first ride at our barn!

But, it was NOT done by me...
As I don't consider myself highly experienced in green horses (especially ones sitting a while), I enlisted the help of a fellow boarder and trainer at the barn. She has started many young horses, been working with several this summer that I have watched, and has previous mustang experience.  We met at 8pm Saturday; I went out a little early to change the rigging on the saddle I am borrowing to center fire using a converter from Beta Tack.  Works awesome, looks great, and allows me to use my 24" cinch on him.

First, a few baby steps in the round pen ... He ground tied pretty well, learning not to always follow a person around. But, when first girthed up he balled up and took off with a tiny buck. First I've seen of that!  After he got over it and she fixed the saddle position (had to move the cinch ring even further back to keep it from sliding up his neck), she moved forward with getting him ready to be ridden again.

Then he graduated to the outdoor arena, and eventually into trotting and cantering.  A few more bucking attempts...but she said he is very smooth to ride :)

(sorry a little dark!)

We finished up and hosed him off...he got a good 45min work out in at least! Finally turning him out around 9:45pm?

We talked for a bit, and I'm going to have her give him some refresher lessons before I hop on.  I'll have to postpone the saddle purchase a little while, but the Abetta should work for now; still wants to creep forward so eventually we will have to get him *his* saddle.

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