Thursday, June 2, 2016

Meet Prophecy

I indulged in the best therapy available Wednesday night.... Horse therapy.

Instead of waiting till Thursday after work and having to shift around some of our plans for Thurs & Fri, I asked if after dinner would be better...since I don't need hours on end at the moment, just some time with him to bond, I would get at least an hour before sunset and then I have lights too at the barn.

Bad part of big pastures with one in/out gate - I had to hike all the way out and around to where the boys were hanging in the pasture and grab Prophecy. We walked back in together, and then I tied him up to groom.  He stood very nicely, let me touch everywhere, picked up all four feet and clean them, out, and brushing.  We did fly spray, main & tail detangler spray and combed out the knots.  He was a little 'protective' of his tail being messed with, just super clampy to him, so I will take it slow and get his trust on that.
Way out there with the boys

Walking back to the barn

We hung out and had some exposure to the dogs running around barking trying to get him to throw a stick :) then we went to the round pen. I pushed him to move a few times (halter/rope off), then sat down on the ground to a result I know well of Saga babies!

Cleaned up and looking sharp

Just hanging out

On the move in the round pen

Coming to say hi while I am sitting on the ground

Nose hello!

I moved him a little more, then asked for him to come over and then we walked around together without halter/lead on.

I took him back out to the pasture, but he went to see the two in the side pasture while I knew he wanted to the big one.  So decided to walk out there, I called him to follow, and he did!  I walked him towards the hill when he realized where he was and could run off to be with his buddies again :)

Just observing after I removed his halter/lead

Leaving the side field to come follow me

Finally realizing how to get to his herd

I am very happy; he has a solid & friendly mind about him - just what I need right now.  Hoping to do more "work" this weekend and get him on a line, maybe even see if my saddle remotely fits!

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