Saturday, June 4, 2016

My Shadow

I went to visit Prophecy first thing Saturday morning, to beat the rain for me and so Doug would be able to mow before it hits too.

Hiked the field again, not quite as far as Wednesday. He was hanging with George...his favorite thing to do when tied up - Lick the rail!

Licking, not chewing
I groomed, relieved him with fly spray (gosh those are so annoying!), and then did some body work.  I found a really good spot on his chest he stretched into and then a good scratch under the chin and jowls was also greatly enjoyed by him with lip smacking and grunts.

Next I took out my stonewall, stripped it of all my saddle bags to be able to see more clearly...and my gut says it does not fit him.  I have sent pictures to Stonewall to review and see if he needs the next size up and will likely be having a saddle fitter help us sort out what size tree he needs now...then it will be finding an inexpensive temporary saddle (or borrowing) to get us riding and developing some more muscles, or waiting till I can trade/sell the current saddle and working him on the ground a ton.

After our saddle pictures, I took him to the large arena on a line to lunge a bit.

Then I took him off the line, hoping to video some exploration and natural movement... But instead, he followed me around; which was fun as I jogged off and he trotted up behind, and over a jump with me.

My new shadow

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