Saturday, June 18, 2016

one step closer

To riding Prophecy!

I was able to sell my Stonewall pretty quickly, and now have some funds to look for our endurance saddle this summer.  However, while I wait to demo new ones and try others, I was left with not a one saddle between the barn and friends that would remotely fit him!  And I really want to get some rides in before I throw a demo into the mix...

One of my Rockin' Mountain Monstas teammates found a wide Abetta endurance saddle for me to try in the meantime and met me Friday am to get it to me for the weekend.  Last night I threw the wide tree card from Stonewall on it and it seems wide enough for us to give it a shot!

Today, Prophecy got the royal treatment... or should I say torture? I got out there about 9 and began our long morning

#1 -  Groom & Fly spray to start off...and added fun of MTG to his mane and tail. Tail needs to grow!

# 2 -Try out the Abetta.  Looked good sans pad, then set it up with the HAF pad.  Not 100% about that fit, so we will go to the woolback or Matrix next time. I need to fix the rigging on one side, as the strap is a shortened long latigo and I had to enlist help from friend to tie it as I had no room!  Mr. Pudgy was none too thrilled on how tight that girth got... he just got bloaty/girthy and antsy, but no huge blow-up.

#3 - Lunge with said saddle and pad.  He moved OK at a trot, but I could see some interference near his elbow so need to get the girth further back. I think the crazy tight we had to go to tie made it slide forward.

#4 - Head back to the post to try on my snap on headstall and decide if I like this color on him.  Same set up I used on Tesla...just all cleaned up. He was good for the bit and he just hung out there with his Red-head look on as I made sure of the right positioning and such. He's got a slightly bigger noggin than Tesla did.
I think we will move to a different color for Prophecy...I'm not in love with this on him. The rest of my blue stuff is royal blue, so we will see how that all looks :)

#5 - White Lightening (generic) soak.  It only took me 10 minutes this time to clean and wrap up all 4 four feet!  of course that meant lots more time just standing and waiting for him...

So I try to be nice and grab some Hay...

And then as I am giving him a massage, he decides this is fun...

Ultimately he ends up dumping it, moving it almost on top of the step stool you see, and then using it to scratch his face.  Goof!

#6 - Finally, it takes me almost as long to undo my handiwork wrapping to finish up his feet.

#7 - I put him out in the grass to much while I went and moved the wood for my GN bed-deck into the trailer. I didn't have time to set in place, but it is ready to go (and off our porch!)

#8 - Turn out! He meandered over to the water tank and eventually out to the rest of the gang.

I hope in the next blog update to have some riding to share about!  I think we can try out the Abetta for a while, but ultimately he looks to need something with a flair at the shoulder (to my eyes and feel underneath).  We won't be doing any real long rides for a while yet, so just working on getting us both back in shape to be more serious this fall into next year.

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