Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I visited with Prophecy again Monday after work.  We played the saddle fit game - AGAIN.  This time moved it forward and with a pad, and a little bit of lunge work with it on.  All signs say, and saddle maker confirmed, this one does not fit him as I suspected.  A set of "boomerang" cards is on the way to see what would be the right fit for him if I can stick with Stonewall.  I have grown to really like this saddle, after spending so many years in treeless I never thought I'd go back to 'regular'!

I've been thinking a bit on my boys...Reflecting on what it is that drew me to Prophecy, what draws me in now. I didn't know if I would get another horse at all, let alone so soon after, but he was it...there wasn't another horse in all the ads that I had any real interest in.  

I love(d) Traveler with all my heart.  We worked hard to establish trust and respect. He was not a lovey-dovey or playful horse, in fact he barely acknowledged other humans most times. He was respectful, but he wasn't himself with them. He really didn't care for anyone else riding him either :P  He despised arena work, tried to run me into fences I don't know how many times in the outdoor, but he lived for trail rides.  He was a 1 person horse, and we understood each other well. He worried when I disappeared, he carried me calmly and steadily through my pregnancies (when allowed), and was the same horse after months of minimal riding.  He was bold and big, yet soft and kind.

Tesla was a character. Goofy and playful, stubborn and smart. I love(d) him deeply too, it wasn't the same as Traveler as I don't think anything can ever match your first horse love, but we were connected.  He loved people, and kids, and was always curious.  Extremely frustrating at times when he 'got my number,' but we always worked through it and had such great rides together after getting through the saddle issues. He was a special boy and endured so much in his short life. He was elegant and strong, yet silly.

And here I am, a week into having Prophecy, and I'm crazy about him.  I never thought I'd have a problem getting a horse to turn out! Once I've made the trek to catch him (which he will just stand and watch you come), he won't leave me.
He's patient, standing at the post while I try this and that, check him over, and of course giving treats on occasion. He plods along after me to the arena or round pen... We work, I set him free from the line in hopes of getting videos and he just won't leave me.  He follows me about, or makes me work with both hands to keep him moving around the pen (must bring out the helmet cam next!).  Monday night I walked with him out in the pasture when we were done and hopped on the fence to sit when he could see his buddies far off, expecting him to run off.  Instead he comes over, loves on me, hangs his head over the rail I'm sitting on, and just won't leave.  Finally moseys on off to his buddies after he gets scolded for chewing my boot toes.

I took a chance on him, after not seeing him for so many years, based on my gut feel that this was right; That he would be what I need to move forward.  And Prophecy is exactly what I need right now. He is loving, he is funny, he is solid and patient. We are building up slowly to getting into work together and I am looking forward to building our relationship, holding onto the amazing memories with my boys before him...Taking what they've taught me and carrying it forward, and continuing to learn as we go.

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