Monday, July 25, 2016

Another year older

So, what has happened since my last post?

I'm another year older... lol

And Skyler her had her first dentist visit (went with big bro). She did pretty well for almost 4; No major tears.

But, before that - I got to go out for a trail ride with the trainer Friday eve.  No pictures while riding - too dark, but it went pretty well. My first night ride in MANY years.  Hard to do when you are still building trust.  Ended up with him playing with/tossing the bit more at the end. I think that is his "tell" for being annoyed - I was asking him to stay where I could see the trail and not to trot :P
Prophecy's thoughts on being tacked up Fri eve

Saturday and Sunday were brutally hot...but, we did some work on the deck framing at home and ran lots of errands.  Getting ready for our vacation to the beach!

I had a nice birthday - kids made me a cake and got me a few things. I'm holding out for a new saddle so Doug is helping me with that as his gift :)

Monday I took off work so I could meet with my GreenBean teammate Jaime to try out her Phoenix Rising Saddles. She currently has both a standard tree and wide, soon to only have wide - so this was an opportune time to see which on works for Prophecy as the maker leaned toward wide but thought he could go either size.

We both really thought the wide would be the most likely candidate so started with that on his back.  It had good contact, but just wanted to sit in a funny spot on him.  So we threw on the standard and were pleasantly surprised on the way it looked. Seemed to find his 'sweet spot', kept good contact all along without pinching.  So, we grabbed my matrix (no inserts) and went on to tacking him up completely.

Keep in mind, this is my 4th time riding him!  not very pretty on my part, we are still working on finding our rhythm, but I got so much more out of him today in this saddle!

Jaime is letting me hold onto the Standard Tree saddle for a bit and get more rides in before I commit to buying.  Sweat pattern was a bit difficult to assess when the horse is already dripping from just the temps outside!  He moved really nicely in it, and it felt great to me too in the seat and leg position.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Through the ears!

Wednesday night I had my first solo ride on Prophecy, and therefore our first "Through the Ears" photo :)  Here's to many more!

But first, after hiking all the way out to get him, I got the "it is too hot for this" look!

He tacked up nicely, I just moved slow with the saddle and he really didn't evade it. I was slow to girth him up and took some pictures while he stood of the whole set up (minus the reins).  He looks quite snazzy!  Now that I know the breast collar fits, I only need/want to get him a cool beta halter to go in place of the rope one at times.

I used the Myler combo as a straight snaffle and he seemed to like it. No tossing or playing with it like I've seen him do with other snaffles.  We did a lot of walking in the arena and I got some good trot spurts too.  I did lengthen my stirrups one notch and while it helped I am not comfortable in the Abetta yet. My right knee just doesn't feel in the right spot... Another ride set for Friday eve, this time trails with the trainer :)


After we were done riding...time for feet... He is really not thrilled to do this anymore and it took longer than usual to get him done. But, I've mastered this well enough to let him graze now and still get them off easily!

 Turn out, and he headed straight for water :)

After I was done with him I hosed down the girth and saddle pad and placed the boards on my trailer deck finally! No more sinking into the insulation I put in while making the bed.  Now to keep insulating and organizing!  This heat tho...ick.

The past few weeks I have had a lot memories pop up of old postings to my blog about Tesla...  I keep going back and reading... Oh how I miss him and feel so cheated...

Friday, July 15, 2016

And we're off!

Finally... a ride for me!

Not the best pic, but proof!
I've had Prophecy getting a tune up with Sunny Side Horse Training for a few weeks to work out some kinks. Tonight was our first lesson, and my first time getting to ride Prophecy since his arrival at the end of May.  I hope this is the start of a long lived endeavor together for us!

Things learned by the trainer - Someone used spurs on him, so he is not a fan of the leg cues to continue on at a canter, pins ears.  He is antsy to tack up for saddle only - girthy. He is extremely sensitive and will probably do great in a hackamore once he has more miles. As she put it, and I know this as it is true of all Saga babies, He has a great mind.  Just need miles to get out of the green/baby stage. I can handle that :)  Next time together we plan to go out on the trails at the barn, hopefully getting him more forward.  Until then I'll keep working with him in the arena and getting to know each other with a saddle.

Earlier in the week, we had a visit from the farrier, about 5weeks since the last trim and finding the White Line in his hooves. I've been treating them and now we got a bit more aggressive with opening them up to air to keep the infection at bay.  It didn't seem like it had traveled too much further up the hoof, but it is a scary prospect for someone who has never dealt with this before to have hooves resected.  Not pretty, but still functional and a bit easier to treat.  I've ordered some different soaking bags to use while keeping this simple and quick for both of us, and I'm armed with a variety of tools to keep it from getting worse...just have to see what works.  No shoes in the plans yet for him...Boots, well I'm not even sure I can get an accurate measurement while this is being resolved.

Chris working on probably the worst affected hoof

Silly face enjoying a belly scratch

He is also bleaching out a little in the summer sun.  Have to say I'm surprised it took this long!

And Mr. Chubby may be in store for a change in pastures to something less lush... hoping the workouts will help drop some of his puff, but we may take some extra measures here soon :)

My plans?
Well, right now they include riding him as much as I can, treating his feet, and testing out different saddles.  The Abetta I am borrowing is probably not going to work for long term...I need to try and adjust my stirrup length next time and see if it makes a difference in me (right knee was not a fan of the positioning), as well as we had two matching dry spots on either side of his withers when done riding. But, the center fire rigging did work to keep the girth out of his elbow and causing galls.

I'm planning to volunteer at Iron Mountain Jubilee at the end of August and bring him along for some exposure (and maybe swimming in the river!), as well as try a few saddles while there. We will probably have to wait till fall to pick up any mountain conditioning and see where his feet are at for protection on the rocks.  I'm also planning to volunteer at Fort Valley in October, and maybe pick up a ride so I can get a completion for myself this year.

Friday, July 8, 2016

red, white, and BLUE

Hope everyone had a safe & happy 4th of July.  My weekend started early and a bit rough with the youngest having 105 fever Friday and a culture test showing Strep (by the time that came back she was fine tho and it wasn't one they typically treat).  We enjoyed the cooler weekend weather and a family day on Sunday with Legacy Church at a 'retreat' type location that included games, tie-dying shirts, swimming and hot dogs & smores over a bonfire.  Fortunately, it was close enough to home that we took a little break to lay around in the afternoon for the kids.  Monday was pretty rainy here, but we did get out to do some sparklers before bed.  Could hear fireworks, so nothing was cancelled it seems.

I know it has been a few weeks since my last post.   Prophecy has been getting his tune-up, and I'm planning to finally ride him myself next week :)  So my time with him has mainly been spent dealing with his feet, and trying out tack colors! lol... oh, and back measurements, etc for saddles.

Thursday night though, he got some royal treatment with a check from Sarah at Hands Hooves Hearts Equine Massage Therapy.  She worked with Tesla to help us through his back and wither soreness in addition to the chiro work.
Overall Prophecy looked good. A few sensitive spots where we expected them in the back end due to some mishandling of his back feet at one point I was informed about.  We'll work on those areas, as well as the left front shoulder stretching.  Sarah is great and teaches me how to work on the horses so that I can do massages more often between her visits.  It really helped Tesla and he enjoyed it immensely.  Prophecy seemed to take to it too, as I had massaged him on my own already before she came, to get a feel for him.  We'll make it a point to have Sarah out as we get further into conditioning together and keeping him feeling good.  I've also got a call into the chiro to put him on the schedule. He isn't in our area often so want to make sure we get a chance to start him out in a good frame of body and mind.

On to the color fun!  I have been playing in MS Paint a ton and working with the wonderful ladies of Beta Tack and Trail Blazers Tack to come up with the right color for Prophecy in his tack.  The gray of his face kept me from feeling that Tesla's tack was a good color on him.
In the end, I put it back on him with a different halter underneath and I think we are good :)
Now to design a halter for under the snap on bridles (I have one set up like this with an S-hack and another with a regular bit and Zuni band overlay from Taylored Tack in the same Blue) for when I don't want to use a rope halter under...and decide if we get a new matching breast collar, or find a way to tie the blue of the bridle to the reflective royal on the BC I have.

Prophecy is doing pretty well in his tune ups, though he has definitely decided that being caught isn't always fun, and his patience for the foot treatments wears thin some days.  And he now runs off to the herd as opposed to hanging with me when we're done... looking forward to riding soon!