Friday, July 15, 2016

And we're off!

Finally... a ride for me!

Not the best pic, but proof!
I've had Prophecy getting a tune up with Sunny Side Horse Training for a few weeks to work out some kinks. Tonight was our first lesson, and my first time getting to ride Prophecy since his arrival at the end of May.  I hope this is the start of a long lived endeavor together for us!

Things learned by the trainer - Someone used spurs on him, so he is not a fan of the leg cues to continue on at a canter, pins ears.  He is antsy to tack up for saddle only - girthy. He is extremely sensitive and will probably do great in a hackamore once he has more miles. As she put it, and I know this as it is true of all Saga babies, He has a great mind.  Just need miles to get out of the green/baby stage. I can handle that :)  Next time together we plan to go out on the trails at the barn, hopefully getting him more forward.  Until then I'll keep working with him in the arena and getting to know each other with a saddle.

Earlier in the week, we had a visit from the farrier, about 5weeks since the last trim and finding the White Line in his hooves. I've been treating them and now we got a bit more aggressive with opening them up to air to keep the infection at bay.  It didn't seem like it had traveled too much further up the hoof, but it is a scary prospect for someone who has never dealt with this before to have hooves resected.  Not pretty, but still functional and a bit easier to treat.  I've ordered some different soaking bags to use while keeping this simple and quick for both of us, and I'm armed with a variety of tools to keep it from getting worse...just have to see what works.  No shoes in the plans yet for him...Boots, well I'm not even sure I can get an accurate measurement while this is being resolved.

Chris working on probably the worst affected hoof

Silly face enjoying a belly scratch

He is also bleaching out a little in the summer sun.  Have to say I'm surprised it took this long!

And Mr. Chubby may be in store for a change in pastures to something less lush... hoping the workouts will help drop some of his puff, but we may take some extra measures here soon :)

My plans?
Well, right now they include riding him as much as I can, treating his feet, and testing out different saddles.  The Abetta I am borrowing is probably not going to work for long term...I need to try and adjust my stirrup length next time and see if it makes a difference in me (right knee was not a fan of the positioning), as well as we had two matching dry spots on either side of his withers when done riding. But, the center fire rigging did work to keep the girth out of his elbow and causing galls.

I'm planning to volunteer at Iron Mountain Jubilee at the end of August and bring him along for some exposure (and maybe swimming in the river!), as well as try a few saddles while there. We will probably have to wait till fall to pick up any mountain conditioning and see where his feet are at for protection on the rocks.  I'm also planning to volunteer at Fort Valley in October, and maybe pick up a ride so I can get a completion for myself this year.

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