Monday, July 25, 2016

Another year older

So, what has happened since my last post?

I'm another year older... lol

And Skyler her had her first dentist visit (went with big bro). She did pretty well for almost 4; No major tears.

But, before that - I got to go out for a trail ride with the trainer Friday eve.  No pictures while riding - too dark, but it went pretty well. My first night ride in MANY years.  Hard to do when you are still building trust.  Ended up with him playing with/tossing the bit more at the end. I think that is his "tell" for being annoyed - I was asking him to stay where I could see the trail and not to trot :P
Prophecy's thoughts on being tacked up Fri eve

Saturday and Sunday were brutally hot...but, we did some work on the deck framing at home and ran lots of errands.  Getting ready for our vacation to the beach!

I had a nice birthday - kids made me a cake and got me a few things. I'm holding out for a new saddle so Doug is helping me with that as his gift :)

Monday I took off work so I could meet with my GreenBean teammate Jaime to try out her Phoenix Rising Saddles. She currently has both a standard tree and wide, soon to only have wide - so this was an opportune time to see which on works for Prophecy as the maker leaned toward wide but thought he could go either size.

We both really thought the wide would be the most likely candidate so started with that on his back.  It had good contact, but just wanted to sit in a funny spot on him.  So we threw on the standard and were pleasantly surprised on the way it looked. Seemed to find his 'sweet spot', kept good contact all along without pinching.  So, we grabbed my matrix (no inserts) and went on to tacking him up completely.

Keep in mind, this is my 4th time riding him!  not very pretty on my part, we are still working on finding our rhythm, but I got so much more out of him today in this saddle!

Jaime is letting me hold onto the Standard Tree saddle for a bit and get more rides in before I commit to buying.  Sweat pattern was a bit difficult to assess when the horse is already dripping from just the temps outside!  He moved really nicely in it, and it felt great to me too in the seat and leg position.

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