Thursday, July 21, 2016

Through the ears!

Wednesday night I had my first solo ride on Prophecy, and therefore our first "Through the Ears" photo :)  Here's to many more!

But first, after hiking all the way out to get him, I got the "it is too hot for this" look!

He tacked up nicely, I just moved slow with the saddle and he really didn't evade it. I was slow to girth him up and took some pictures while he stood of the whole set up (minus the reins).  He looks quite snazzy!  Now that I know the breast collar fits, I only need/want to get him a cool beta halter to go in place of the rope one at times.

I used the Myler combo as a straight snaffle and he seemed to like it. No tossing or playing with it like I've seen him do with other snaffles.  We did a lot of walking in the arena and I got some good trot spurts too.  I did lengthen my stirrups one notch and while it helped I am not comfortable in the Abetta yet. My right knee just doesn't feel in the right spot... Another ride set for Friday eve, this time trails with the trainer :)


After we were done riding...time for feet... He is really not thrilled to do this anymore and it took longer than usual to get him done. But, I've mastered this well enough to let him graze now and still get them off easily!

 Turn out, and he headed straight for water :)

After I was done with him I hosed down the girth and saddle pad and placed the boards on my trailer deck finally! No more sinking into the insulation I put in while making the bed.  Now to keep insulating and organizing!  This heat tho...ick.

The past few weeks I have had a lot memories pop up of old postings to my blog about Tesla...  I keep going back and reading... Oh how I miss him and feel so cheated...

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