Sunday, August 7, 2016

All good, but not as planned

I have the Phoenix standard tree still, and got in one more ride before we took our family vacation.  I didn't have it sitting quite enough forward that time, so I felt a bit more "thrown" into the pommel, but easily fixable for me.  He still seemed to enjoy it, and sweat patterns looked good - even though it was only 0.60 miles of arena wandering for a bit!  I'm still getting the hang of the 3 point rigging too, but it is doing a great job of keeping his girth where it needs to be.

We left for our family vacation and had loads of fun at the pool and beach, plus other 'touristy' things in Myrtle Beach like Ripley's Aquarium, Wonder Works, Mini-golf (2x) and just not really having any solid plans :)  Traffic getting there was the worst getting OUT of VA that Saturday... We decided to try and avoid the rush of in/out and took off for home on Friday night, which worked pretty well for the kids too.

Me and kids upon arrival to our condo

After we unloaded, walked to the beach access for a view

We made it home about 11pm, got the kids settled back into bed and 3/4 of us slept in!  At least Asher didn't come wake us!  Saturday was spent getting caught up...Mail, yard, Tax-free school shopping, and went to pick the dogs &cat that evening too.  They are all pooped!

Guilty face of moved lead rope
Sunday morning we went out food shopping and then I had a "date" with a barn buddy to go for a trail ride at noon.  I got there a bit early to put the fenders on the Phoenix that Jaime sent me (of course USPS delivered a day late so I had to wait till after vacay to try them) - and I thought putting Leathers on was tough! Tight space to work with, but I got it!  Then I got a text that she would be late - OK, we'll work on feet before riding.  Prophecy had a trim while I was gone, and it looks like they didn't really open up the notches too much, just cleaned them up and round off the one on the back feet.  We got through that, then waited a bit...And he decided to remove the rope from it draping over the rail (was not tied at all, he seems to do better with most things "ground tied").

After a bit longer I decided to tack up ... We had a few more discussions about that one today than usual!  Finally once settled, I can tell I moved the too far forward to start with, but it did settle during our ride into a more natural spot, so now I where to aim for tomorrow! I got tired of waiting, and did have a timeline to be home, so hopped on and took him the arena.  He is not a fan, and I can't blame him, not much fun lol.  So I figured what the heck, we'll stroll out and see how it goes alone.  And there you have it, my first solo trail ride on Prophecy.  Not what I planned, not as long a ride as I was hoping for, but a big step for us :)  I called it quits for a few reasons: #1 - BUGS! His head shaking was getting pretty violent about them. Will have to put the ear bonnet on!  #2 - I don't know the trails all that well yet, so we just went out a bit till the bugs got too annoying and headed back.  He was pretty good  - a few squirelly moments and totally working on figuring out how to eat grass on the go with a bit. He is not a master like Tesla was!

Ok, I'm waiting patiently...

My head is just too heavy!

Post ride saddle position

I untacked, snapped some sweat pattern pictures to review and then hosed him off. I decided to grab my handheld HRM to see what is heart rate is after cooling.  45 while munching grass.  Not bad for a bit out of shape and carrying some extra pounds at the moment lol

Tomorrow is the final ride for me to decide if we are going with this saddle.  I think he likes it, just need to tweak some things for me! I kept feeling part of the rigging under my left leg today, not sure why that was...

This weekend was one of the 'close' rides to me, Ride Between the Rivers, which I have never been to but want to!  End of the month is Iron Mountain.  I'm taking Prophecy to volunteer, but will not compete.  I am psyched to get back out there again, but equally nervous about taking him for his first experience at ride camp!

So tomorrow is riding again, and probably just a hoof treatment day on Wed... Next weekend I'm hooking up and doing some loading practice.  I haven't loaded him yet, and I don't expect any issues, but I want to make sure we are good. All goes well, I'll be looking to do a haul away trail ride with a babysitter for some more exposure!

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