Monday, September 5, 2016


This past Monday night I went out after returning from IMJ to do a little riding and do his worming. We did about a mile tooling around the arena in a different girth set up (to which he was just "over it" with me trying to get it right).  He still felt a little off/funny to me in the rear, but only on the circle/turn.
Still a table top...

Friday I returned for hoof measuring, treatment night and massage.  I did his foot soak slightly differently, as I cut down some 'heavy duty' soaking vinyl I had gotten. They are supposed to go up to their knees, but he was having none of that the last time I tried! So, I cut them to a more reasonable height and used duct tape instead of vet wrap (which easily peeled off so I can re-use, but I have more of these too) and he did fine.  I massaged, found him maybe just a little tight in the hamstrings and neck. He enjoyed the pampering, but would have rather been grazing! Must buy more diapers to allow for that.
Sunset view Friday on the way home
tried it, didn't do it for him
I went back this morning (Monday), with the intent to go back to the woolback, try a borrowed bit, and try out some hoof boots on a trail ride. Success was only had on the first item!  Boots first, one fit, one didn't. Looks like his fronts aren't the same size :(  Back to the drawing board...He is still very reactive when you go to tighten the girth, so I move in baby steps, but the woolback length is much quicker for me to get even on his rigging.  He was otherwise very calm and easy to get saddle on, I think he was wanting to ride today.  The bit, well that was a huge non-success. I had him in the arena to try it first, and we left after a few to switch back to the Myler.  He was also very balled up and hollowed out anytime we moved to trot, I knew he was ready to buck.
After Dash left, he and I had a few moments of "Yes, you will be OK on your own in here".  Fortunately they got out of sight quickly, we walked a little more, still majorly tense... I turned him loose for some free lunging (to which I barely noted him being off in the rear) but instead I got to witness him as a Bucking Bronco! His bucks aren't big, but it was also the all four feet bunny hops off the ground in succession.  So glad he didn't do that with me on him!  The only thing I could figure was that his saddle had shifted too far forward.  That is a problem with the wool.  I have a mohair I found on a tack site cheap on the way to hopefully fix this!  I straightened out the saddle placement and hopped back on.  Finally, not nearly as tense in his back, but the head tossing and bit dismay continued, even though it is his 'normal' bit. We trotted a few times without too much incident with forward ears and could finally call it good.  Of course this time I didn't have my tracker on, but I'm sure it was over a mile of circles, up and down the arena, back and forth the tack shelter :P  Good mental workout for him too, as we kept stopping and starting, resetting, on and off at the mounting block, and leaving buddies.  I had really wanted to get him out on trail today, but it was not to be.

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